Are You Sharing Too Much Online? [Infographic]

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People share a lot of information online and the popularity of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest reveal that too much sharing can come back to haunt us.

Sometimes inappropriate sharing is blatantly obvious, as in an indecent photo, an angry tweet, or coming out to support a controversial topic, but other times, you may not know that sharing certain information is leaving you open to becoming a victim.

Did you know some criminal monitor social sites looking for inside information that they can exploit and take advantage of?

For instance, if someone has been watching your house and they're looking to break in and rob your belongings, they may monitor your Facebook page to see if you have any events coming up you're excited to attend.

So when you leave the house to get to that much anticipated save the whales fundraiser, they are fueling up the van getting ready to abscond with your new flatscreen.

This new inforgraphic from is packed with fun facts and statistic about how we over-share online. With potential employers and other organizations constantly scanning these profiles for useful information, it's for the best that we educate ourselves now. Social sharing can be fun, but we have to be aware of the consequences and put an end to some of it now.

Take a look at what they came up with:

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