"Terms And Conditions May Apply" Doc Is Now Playing

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So what happens when you click "I Agree" on the your favorite service's Terms of Service agreement? Granted, South Park already shed some much-needed light on the situation, but maybe some folks missed that episode. Whatever the case, now that the NSA and Edward Snowden are trendy talking points, online privacy is again a subject of interest. Of course, the federal government is not the only entity web users have to worry about when they are pursuing their favorite online hubs.

While folks may be worried about Obama reading their emails, how many of them are aware of the fact they give away much of their privacy by agreeing to the terms set forth by their favorite web service? In other words, do you know what happens when you agree to Google's, or iTunes, or Facebook's, or Amazon's terms and conditions? Thanks to Cullen Hoback and the folks the folks at Hyrax Films Private, we're a lot closer to learning this lesson all over again, thanks to their documentary, Terms and Conditions May Apply.

It should be noted that "learning the lesson all over again" is not meant as a slap to the documentary's creators. Clearly, this is a lesson needs to be taught over and over again.

If you missed the trailer:

So yeah, online citizens are producing tons of data that's being actively collected by just about every web service being used, and it's not like this is hidden, secret knowledge. Much of it is all right there in the terms and conditions text we all scroll through as quickly as possible. With all the hubbub surrounding the NSA, why aren't people as concerned about the practice of consumption-based entities collecting much of the same data? Or is this something you just have to accept if you want to play on the Internet?

Hopefully, a lot of people watch this documentary and start asking the same questions. Speaking of, those who are interested can catch a screening at the following locations:

Premieres on PIVOT TV Sunday, Aug 11th 8/7c - find your local station: find.pivot.tv/
Lake Worth – Lake Worth Playhouse – Aug 16-22
San Diego – Digital Gym – Aug 16-22
Washington, DC – West End Cinema – August 16-22
Oakland – The New Parkway Theater – August 20
Miami – Cosford Cinema @ UM – Sept 20
Whitehorse, Yukon Terr – Yukon Film Society – Sept 22
Boulder – Boedecker Theater at Dairy Center – Sept 24-28
Macon, GA – Douglass Theatre – Oct 22

Unfortunately, the director was in attendance for earlier screenings, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to catch this particular flick when you can. Maybe (hopefully), the message about online privacy will be heard loud and clear, and more people will understand the concept is more than just a talking point for CNN and Fox News.