Inside Has Improvements On The Way

Last week, Jason Calacanis released a new news aggregation app called Inside. As far as we can tell, the response so far has been generally positive, with some users suggesting they have quickly become “addicted” to it. Like with any…

How This Panda Victim Google-Proofed His Business

Earlier this week, famous web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis unleashed his new app Inside. It’s a news aggregation service, which has proven immediately addictive to fans. While the app itself is an interesting enough story in its own right, there’s another…

Reddit Traffic Stats Show Huge Subreddits

Even if you’re only going by Alexa’s numbers, it’s clear is a huge site that garners a ton of traffic on a daily basis. Just consider the impact Reddit had on the Karen Klein donations, reddit’s ability gather a…

Some Traditional Media Organizations Understand The Web

It’s always nice to see when traditional media organizations show some understanding of the way the web works. Last week, we reported on proposed legislation in Germany that seeks to have news aggregators pay to use snippets of (and possibly…

Curator’s Code: Can Content Curation Really Be Standardized?

Let me preface this by saying that I am all for giving credit where credit is due on the web. However, people are trying to develop standards for online content curation and attribution on the web, and I just don’t…

Is Linking Something That You Should Have To Pay For?

Should you have to pay to link? Sadly, it’s a question we keep having to ask, because organizations and lawmakers keep giving us reason to. If you’re a longtime reader, you probably already know my stance on this: the web…

German Lawmakers May Be Jeopardizing Search

News aggregation as we know it, and possibly even search as we know it, may be in danger – at least in Germany. German lawmakers are reportedly kicking around new legislation, which if turned into law, would require a news…

AOL Buys Outside.In, A Hyperlocal Blog Service

According to various reports, AOL has bought Outside.In, and will announce that today. The price hasn’t been confirmed, but Business Insider says it’s been told that it’s less than $10 million. Outside.In will evidently become integrated with AOL’s Patch property…

News Corp’s Content Aggregation Double Standard

Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. have long conveyed a disgruntled outlook on news aggregation. It wasn’t that long ago when there were stories everywhere about the company blocking access to its content from news aggregation sites, and the never-ending verbal sparring with Google over the issue. 

Techmeme Now Posting Tweets As Stories

Update: Rivera has elaborated a bit more on the site’s use of tweets in a blog post (blogs aren’t dead yet):

Google and the AP Renew an Old Content Deal

Google and the Associated Press have renewed their content-licensing deal, which will enable Google to continue serving hosted AP stories to Google News readers, and possibly users of other Google services. On the Official Google News Blog, Google says:

Do You Need Help Sifting Through All the News?

Many news consumers are increasingly relying on human-edited news aggregation and content curation to sift through their news and establish trust. While not all mainstream media sources are thrilled about the concept, it’s just how it is, and there is no doubt that plenty of people from that world are relying on these things themselves to one extent or another.

Globalizing Local News From Mainstream to Citizen Journalists

Allvoices is an online news destination that features a mix of aggregated professional news content and citizen-contributed reports, both from numerous channels. It’s been steadily growing in popularity. After a couple years of existence, the company tells WebProNews it’s getting over 4 million uniques and contributors from over 130 countries. I spoke with Allvoices CMO Aki Hashmi about what makes this site tick, as well as a new announcement it made today.

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