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Tag: New York

How Is Winter Storm Hercules Affecting You?
With winter upon us, it is inevitable that the season will bring storms, ice, snow, and all-around chaos at some point during its allotted months. And...
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New York Gun Control Laws Upheld In Court
A federal judge has upheld most of New York’s gun control laws. Judge William M. Skretny said in today’s ruling that the restrictions on assau...
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Lotto Winner Finds Ticket Among Leaves
You may have heard the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Well, it’s a phrase that came to life wh...
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Mayor of New York’s Daughter – Doing Drugs?
The New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s 19 year old daughter, Chiara de Blasio, has explained to the world in a YouTube video released today, ...
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E-Cigarettes Have Been Banned In New York
On Thursday, the New York City Council voted nearly unanimously to ban the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in public places. The ban inclu...
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New York City’s Smoking Ban to Include e-cigarettes
Since 2002, New York City has banned smoking in bars, restaurants, places of employment, government buildings, parks, and other public places. Now, ov...
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Trooper Cunniff Dies After Thruway Car Accident
New York state trooper David W. Cunniff passed away Tuesday after sustaining injuries from an interstate crash that happened late Monday night. Cunnif...
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Teen Parents Allow 2-Year-Old Son To Smoke Pot
What is it that drives some people to experiment on defenseless people or animals? How about their own children? An abundant curiosity paired with imm...
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Cancer Scam: Woman Uses Donations To Buy Heroin
The holiday season tends to have a way of making people feel more open and generous. Whether donations are going to the little red buckets beside bell...
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New York City: Christopher Walken Isn’t Walkin’
An epic selfie revealed a memorable experience for two New York residents on November 19. When “Sergio P.” and “Ash K.” notice...
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Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Amazon Online Sales Tax Lawsuit
Online sales tax – is it constitutional? That’s the question Amazon wanted an answer to when it petitioned the Supreme Court to hear its a...
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Metro-North Train Derails In New York [BREAKING]
A Metro-North train derailed early this morning in the Bronx along the Hudson River leaving two dead and many injured. Aaron Donovan, a spokesman for ...
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Spartacus Claims His Coffee in New Movie Reenactment
Theater troupe Improv Everywhere (the people responsible for the annual “no pants subway ride“) today took its movie reenactments to Starb...
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Misty Copeland: Unlikely Ballerina
Misty Copeland has made quite a name for herself in the world of ballet. She is a self-proclaimed traditionalist and purist when it comes to ballet, a...
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Macy’s Parade Under Fire. Again.
Remember when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was a whimsical trip for the imaginations of generations of childhood viewers who loved to watc...
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Wild Turkey Revenge: Flocks Crowd NYC Neighborhood
Wild turkeys have been flocking to Staten Island for years, where residents are having to go out of their way to avoid encounters. Some residents are ...
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Harry Potter Searches For Platform 9 3/4 in New York Subway Station
For the past two months, theater troupe Improv Everywhere has been releasing a series of humorous real-life recreations of famous movie scenes. Movies...
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John Stewart Gets Pizza from Chicago Mayor Emanuel
John Stewart is in deep (dish) trouble in Chicago. After his Chicago-focused rant on Wednesday night’s “Daily Show“, he may have los...
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‘When Harry Met Sally’ Scene Recreated With 20 Women
I called it. When performance troupe Improv Everywhere (the group responsible for the annual “no pants subway ride“) began its Movie in Re...
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Dad Refuses to Take His Kid to McDonald’s, is Deemed an “Unfit Parent”
Heads up parents–the next time your kid is whining about going to McDonald’s and you say no to stopping by the Golden Arches for a Happy M...
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