New York to Require Zero Emission Passenger Vehicles by 2035

New York has joined California in requiring that all new passenger vehicles sold in the state be zero emissions by 2035.

California, Texas, and New York Are the Best States for Remote Work

A new report sheds light on the state of remote work, with California, Texas, and New York topping the list of remote work states.

New York to Ban All Sales of New Gasoline Vehicles by 2035

New York is joining California in plans to ban the sale of new gasoline vehicles by 2035.

New York Senate Passes Right to Repair Bill

The New York Senate has become the first state to pass a Right to Repair bill, a big win for consumers.

Investors Urging Amazon to Stop Pressuring Workers On Unionization

Investors are reportedly urging Amazon to stop pressuring workers amid the first-ever vote on unionization by the company’s workers.

Tilman Fertitta: New York Restaurants Are Not Going To Last

Landry’s CEO Tilman Fertitta said on CNBC that at only 25% maximum capacity New York restaurants are going to go out of business.

Stripe Will Pay Employees $20,000 to Relocate

As companies look to save money, thanks to remote workers, Stripe is offering to pay employees $20,000 to relocate.

We Are Never Going To See A Return To The Old New York

Entrepreneur James Altucher says that New York City is dead forever. He says the forced business closures have permanently altered how business is done making it unnecessary for employees to remain in the city.

California AG Comes to Terms With T-Mobile Over Sprint Merger

After a failed attempt to stop the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, the California Attorney General has come to terms with the company and will not pursue an appeal.

NY Attorney General Will Not Appeal T-Mobile Ruling

In more good news for T-Mobile, New York Attorney General Letitia James says she will not appeal the T-Mobile/Sprint merger ruling.

Texas and Nevada Pull Out of Lawsuit to Stop T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

International Business Times is reporting that Texas and Nevada have both pulled out of the lawsuit seeking to stop T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint, leaving just 13 states and the District of Columbia still opposing it. That’s a far cry from the…

Amazon Is Reportedly Pulling Its Nazi Imagery From Subway Cars

As earlier reported, Amazon plastered Nazi-esque imagery all over subway cars in New York City to promote its new original series Man in the High Castle. The show, based on a novel by Philip K Dick, tells of an alternate…

Internet Providers Probed Over Broadband Speeds

Are you really getting the internet speed you think you’re getting? Three internet service providers – Verizon, Cablevision, and Time Warner Cable – have received a letter from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asking them to provide any and…

Lyft Pays $300K to Settle New York Lawsuit

Lyft and the New York Attorney General’s office have settled a year-long beef, and Lyft has agreed to pay $300,000 in penalties. The settlement resolves a dispute born in July, 2014, when New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and…

Sheldon Silver’s Millions In Hidden Wealth?

Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Democrat-controlled Assembly in New York, was arrested Thursday on corruption charges. The 70-year-old politician was accused of taking bribes and kickbacks and masking them as legitimate income. Sheldon Silver was scheduled to appear in court…

Chirlane McCray Joins Kate Middleton For New York Tour

Prince William and Kate Middleton are in the US. But while William went off to Washington to talk to President Barack Obama about illegal wildlife trafficking, Kate went to New York to visit a child development center. The Duchess of…

Buffalo Snow Pictures Are Either Epic Or The Stuff Of Nightmares: YOU Decide

In Buffalo, New York, there has been so much snow this past week, only pictures can accurately convey the horror. And even then, it might not be quite enough. Buffalo residents find themselves trying to dig out of nearly six…

Amazon Signs 17-Year Lease For NYC Brick-And-Mortar Location

Last month, we learned that Amazon was planning to open a brick-and-mortar store across the street from the Empire State Building, and on the same street as the Macy’s flagship store. This was according to The Wall Street Journal, which…

Freedom Tower: One World Trade Center Officially Open

One World Trade Center is officially open for business. According to a New York Times report publishing company Condé Nast moved employees into the building on Monday, becoming its first tenant. Planning for the building, referred to as the Freedom…

Rex Ryan Fired? Not Yet, But Time May Be Running Out For Jets Coach

The number of games Jets head coach Rex Ryan can afford his team to lose right now? Zero. Following an embarrassing 1-6 start to the season, the New York Jets can no longer surrender territory to other NFL teams. With…