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Tag: New York Jets

Justin Bieber: Bible Study With Pittsburgh Steelers?
Justin Bieber showed up at a Bible study held by members of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. ESPN confirms the visit, but lends very little in the...
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Rex Ryan Fired? Not Yet, But Time May Be Running Out For Jets Coach
The number of games Jets head coach Rex Ryan can afford his team to lose right now? Zero. Following an embarrassing 1-6 start to the season, the New Y...
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Green Bay Packers: Will Lacy Be Ready For Sunday?
With Super Bowl aspirations still in mind, the Green Bay Packers took the practice field today for the first time since getting beat up by the Seattle...
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Mike Ditka Dissed by Jets Rookie Jace Amaro
Every kid who grew up in the late 80s / early 90s wanted to “be like Mike”. And, if a coach had told one of us to go home and watch some t...
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Michael Vick Comfortable in Back-Up Role
Today marked the eighth day of training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles and also the first day where veteran quarterback Michael Vick received zero s...
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Tim Tebow Offered A Football Gig In Florida
Tim Tebow has been off the field for a while following stints with the Jets and Patriots that were less than successful, but he may have another chanc...
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Tim Tebow Still Receiving Flak From NFL Peers
When one discusses the biggest flops in the history of the NFL, several names consistently rise to the top: Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, and Tim Couch...
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Butt Fumble Jersey Bought By Jets Fan
Poor Mark Sanchez. It wasn’t too long ago that he was the poster boy for the future of the New York Jets. However after a couple of subpar years...
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Michael Vick Signs With New York Jets, Finally Has A New Team
After a week of free agency, and tons of other players being signed and released, Michael Vick may have thought that his time would never come. He fin...
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Joe Namath Talks Football Injuries and Children
Many times in professional sports, specifically in football, you’ll hear that the old timers were much tougher and the newer players have it muc...
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Tim Tebow Trade a Huge Mistake for Tannenbaum’s Jets
Everyone already knew this but it’s still refreshing to hear Mike Tannenbaum admit that he was wrong. The former New York Jets general manager c...
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Kellen Winslow Arrested After Having Solo Sex
New details have developed in regards to former New York Jet’s football athlete, Kellen Winslow, who was arrested on November 19 for smoking synthet...
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Tim Tebow Was A Mistake, Says Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum
Although struggling quarterback Tim Tebow only had a short stint with the New York Jets, it appears one former Jets’ affiliate felt the brunt o...
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Darrelle Revis Reacts to Twitter Insults
Monday night, Darrelle Revis, cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, intercepted a pass from Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill in order to s...
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Fan Punches Woman After Jets Game
And another woman takes one to the face! But don’t be dirty. She took a manly punch to the face, which might be less exciting and more upsetting...
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Geno Smith Blames Himself After Losing To Patriots
Geno Smith has won the starting job of quarterback after Mark Sanchez’s disappointing season last year. Sanchez also suffered an injury that wil...
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Tim Tebow’s NFL Future Doesn’t Look Promising
There are rumblings that the person who was voted to the top of Forbes’ “Most Influential Athletes” list may not be playing the spor...
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Geno Smith: Jay-Z Could Become His Agent
Last month, rapper/producer Jay-Z began selling off his share of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. The move was part of the artist’s launch of his ...
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The Tim Tebow Situation (Taiwanese Animation Style)
Taiwanese animation firm Next Media Animation has a special style when it comes to covering events in popular culture. We’ve seen provocative ta...
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Tim Tebow Released From Jets, Sanchez Still In
Tim Tebow has officially been released from the New York Jets this morning after a strained year with a team that barely saw him on the field. Tebow w...
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