Rex Ryan Fired? Not Yet, But Time May Be Running Out For Jets Coach


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The number of games Jets head coach Rex Ryan can afford his team to lose right now?


Following an embarrassing 1-6 start to the season, the New York Jets can no longer surrender territory to other NFL teams.

With seven games already gone, enough of the season is behind this team that if they do not go on an incredible winning streak, any hopes of experiencing the playoffs will be gone.

Some are saying that it may already be too late for the Jets to salvage this season.

On the heels of this assumption comes the expectation that Rex Ryan's neck is firmly on the chopping block.

Prior to the New York Jets' 25-27 loss to the New England Patriots, Ryan said of his team, "Hey, we might be counted out, [but] we're not dead. We are going to fight our tails off."

While the scoreline suggests there was some fight in the Jets' offense, the defensive errors are what did the team in.

The worst of it had to be the touchdown that came during a 3rd down with 19 yards needed to keep the ball.

These kind of mistakes added up and though the Jets had shown more heart than they had in previous games, it was not enough to save them from a devastating loss.

Though Ryan has yet to be handed his walking papers, this is the sort of situation that sets a head coach up to be let go.

At this rate, a dismissal is likely at the end of the season, but some are speculating that Rex Ryan could be fired mid-season if things do not change.

He's admitted following the loss to the Patriots that the season thus far has been a "failure" for the Jets.

“The season’s not over, but you don’t want to be 1-6," said Ryan. "If you’d ask me [at the start of the season], I was thinking we’d be the other way.”

He said his team expects to "win every game", but now Rex Ryan and the New York Jets must allow that bubble to burst so reality can be dealt with.

Zero games.

It is a tall order to ask a team that has gone on a serious losing streak to suddenly surrender no more losses.

Can it be done? Yes.

Are the New York Jets the team to do it? That remains to be seen.

Should Rex Ryan be fired or given a second chance?