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Mosquito Repellents: 5 Must-Try Natural Remedies
It never fails. Just as soon as the weather warms up and you’re ready to spend more time outdoors…here come the mosquitoes! You’re probably ...
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Chikungunya Virus Has Spread To US
Chikungunya virus has made its appearance well known in the United States this year. In fact, cases have gone from a normal 28 per year to 39 reported...
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Chikungunya Virus Present In Leon County
On Wednesday, Leon County officials said that there are two cases of chikungunya virus that were found in the county. However, they said that the pres...
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Mosquito Repellent by Terminix Naturally Kills Yard Insects With Garlic Oil
Build a better mosquito repellent and the world will be at your doorstep. Or at least that’s what the people at Terminix think. In a press relea...
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Mosquito Repellent 1000x Stronger Than DEET
Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee have developed a mosquito repellent that is 1000 times stronger than DEET, and works on m...
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Fossilized Mosquito Found; Sadly Lacks Dino Blood
Smithsonian Magazine just put out a blog that chronicles the strange journey of a fossilized mosquito with ancient blood still contained in its stomac...
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This Mosquito Video Will Make You Feel Icky
Mosquitoes are the worst insect to ever grace this planet. They take a person’s blood without asking, and only leave behind West Nile and Malari...
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Mutant Mosquito May Be The Cure For Malaria
We brought you word yesterday that Florida residents were up in arms over a British company that intended to release genetically modified mosquitoes i...
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Mutant Mosquito Leaves Florida Keys Residents Scared
Mutant Mosquito: The name itself injects fear into my heart. For whatever reason, whether it be genetics or an old gypsy curse, I attract mosquitoes l...
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