Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Will Have a Major Limitation

Netflix is working to roll out an ad-supported plan, but it will come with a major limitation: no downloads.

Alphabet Is Blockchain’s Biggest Corporate Investor

Alphabet is the biggest corporate investor in blockchain and crypto technology among the top 100 public companies over the last ten months.

Microsoft Admits Sony PlayStation Outsells Xbox Two-to-One

No company likes to admit its competitor has a leg up, but Microsoft did just that in an effort to avoid antitrust issues.

Microsoft Is Letting Hundreds of Contractors Go

Microsoft is reportedly laying off hundreds of its contract workers as the company slows hiring and lays off some employees.

Windows Bug Could Result In Data Loss on Newer PCs

Microsoft is warning a bug in the latest versions of Windows could result in data loss when combined with some newer PCs.

Microsoft Closes Competitive Gap With Contact Center Rivals

Microsoft has closed the competitive gap with contact center rivals thanks to its Digital Contact Center Platform.

Supply Chain Issues May Be Constraining Azure Server Availability

Supply chain issues may be negatively impacting Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, constraining the supply of available server resources.

Microsoft Teams Finally Gains Native Apple Silicon Support

Squarely in the ‘better late than never’ camp, Microsoft is finally bringing native Apple Silicon support to Teams.

DuckDuckGo Adds More Microsoft Tracking Protection, Now Better Than Ever

DuckDuckGo has added additional protection against Microsoft tracking, addressing concerns that were raised in May.

Microsoft and Next Pathway Partner to Speed Up Cloud Migration

Microsoft has partnered Next Pathway to help companies speed up their migration from legacy data warehouses to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Unveils New Threat Intelligence Security Tools

Microsoft has unveiled new security tools, expanding the Microsoft Defender line of products with dedicated threat intelligence tools.

Uber Receipt Emails Are Crashing Microsoft Outlook and Word

Microsoft has identified an issue with receipt emails from Uber, as well as some others, that are causing Outlook and Word to hang and/or crash.

Microsoft Organizing Cloud Vendors to Take On Amazon’s Government Dominance

Microsoft is working to put a dent in Amazon’s dominance in the government agency cloud computing space, organizing its rivals to help.

AWS Exec Takes Microsoft to Task for Cloud Licensing Terms

AWS’ SVP of Sales and Marketing is calling out Microsoft for its cloud licensing terms, despite the latter company’s recent changes.

Microsoft 365, Teams Outage Largely Resolved

Microsoft has largely resolved an outage impacting Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft and Oracle Partner to Integrate Azure and Oracle Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle are partnering to integrate their platforms, providing customers with a powerful multicloud option.

Microsoft Announces Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty

Microsoft is upping its efforts to target government and public sector clients and help them transition to the cloud.

How Microsoft Is Outmaneuvering Google

Microsoft and Google are two of the biggest tech companies in the world, competing on multiple fronts, but the older company is coming out ahead where it matters.

Microsoft’s Netflix Formula: Promise Big and Don’t Compete

Microsoft surprised the industry Netflix chose the Redmond company for its advertising ambitions, but Microsoft had a winning formula.

Windows 12 Expected in 2024 as Microsoft Moves to New Development Cycle

Anyone hoping for Windows 12 in the near future may be in for a disappointment, with a new report suggesting Microsoft is moving to a three-year development cycle.