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Tag: Metadata

Why Won’t Apple Allow This Simple App That Notifies Users of US Drone Strikes?
An app that sends users an alert every time a US drone strike is reported in the news is too crude for Apple. The company has pulled the plug on Metad...
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Skynet Is Real, and the NSA Uses It To Track Locations with Phone Metadata
When a spy agency decides to call one of its various tracking programs Skynet, it’s just screwing with us, right? A troubling report about a jou...
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NSA’s Bulk Phone Data Collection Illegal, Court Rules
A federal appeals court has ruled that the bulk collections of your phone records is illegal. In a nearly 100-page ruling, the court vacated a lower c...
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Google’s Cutts Talks EXIF Data As A Ranking Factor
Google may use EXIF data attached to images as a ranking factor in search results. This isn’t exactly a new revelation, but it is the topic of a...
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Rand Paul Sues Obama and NSA Over “Metadata”
Rand Paul has taken a bold step against the NSA’s collection of “metadata” from U.S. citizens. He announced today that he has filed ...
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Pinterest, Getty Ink Image Metadata Deal
Thanks to a new partnership with Getty Images, Pinterest is about to provide a whole bunch of metadata to millions of photos that are pinned on the si...
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FISA Court Orders NSA To Release Phone Surveillance Documents
Since early June, the U.S. government has been slowly opening up about the NSA’s numerous surveillance programs in response to a number of leaks...
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Facebook Assuages Photo-Posting Privacy Concerns, Talks EXIF Data
You may have seen a viral message sweeping around Facebook lately – one that claims that simply posting a photo on the network could open you up...
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House Proves Yet Again That It Cares Not For Your Privacy
The House proved earlier this year that it doesn’t care about your privacy when it voted in favor of CISPA yet again. Now the House has cemented...
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Privacy Group Wants Supreme Court To Rule On NSA Phone Metadata Collection
Are the NSA’s spy programs unconstitutional? One group hopes to convince the Supreme Court that at least one of them is. The Hill reports that t...
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NSA Will Be Collecting Verizon Customers’ Phone Records Daily Until July 19
Are you on Verizon? If so, your phone records are now in the hands of the government. The Guardian got its hands on a secret FISA court order yesterda...
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Harvard to Offer Book Metadata for Search
Harvard University is set to release the metadata of over 12 million books, audio recordings, manuscripts, videos, images, maps and other media that p...
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YouTube Talks Search Index For Metadata
Searching for a specific video on YouTube can sometimes be a hassle, especially if it’s newly released. It could take a while for the site to up...
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Google Video Indexing Videos
Google Webmaster Central has released a few Youtube clips describing the best methods for indexing video content, to supplement their Webmaster Tools ...
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