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Tag: Memes

Leeroy Jenkins Is 10 Years Old Today
Oh my god, he just ran in. One of the most famous videos on the internet turns 10 today. On May 11, 2005, a video was uploaded to a World of Warcraft ...
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Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereal
In the spring of 2013, Vine user Ryan McHenry started uploading a series of wonderful videos in which actor Ryan Gosling simply refused to take a bite...
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Things Tim Howard Could Save, or Why We All Love the Internet
As USA goalkeeper continued to make amazing save after amazing save in Tuesday’s World Cup match against Belgium, people started making jokes on...
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A Big Sex Scandal Involving ‘Anti-Gay’ Republican Is Brewing, According to Some Redditor
It’s safe to say that the vast majority of the stuff people say on reddit is complete and utter bullshit. That’s because reddit exists on ...
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Ashley Wagner Takes Sochi Olympics Internet Memes in Stride
Ashley Wagner doesn’t seem to be bothered by the internet memes that are circulating about her. The American figure skater has become well-known...
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Imgur Launches MemeGen Meme Generator App For iOS
Last summer, Imgur launched its meme generator tool. Now it has a standalone mobile app version of it, which launched today. The app, for now at least...
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Nicolas Cage’s Latest Film “Tokarev” Gets An Official Trailer
If you’re a fan the Nicolas Cage face, you’ll love the trailer for “Tokarev”. If you’re not sure what I mean by this, it...
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Grumpy Cat Gets Its Own Iced Coffee Drink, a Grumppuccino
If you’re looking to start your day with an iced coffee drink more pessimistic than you are before you’ve had your iced coffee drink, may ...
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Imgur Launches New Meme Generator
It’s been a big week for Imgur, the popular social image sharing service. The company finally launched its first mobile app over a year after hi...
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Overly Attached Girlfriend Takes on PRISM
Laina Walker, better known as her internet title Overly Attached Girlfriend, has won meme stardom with her wide-eyed, creepy-as-hell stare that sends ...
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Grumpy Cat Doesn’t Want You to Drink at Prom, Apparently
Using an internet meme to promote a alcohol-free prom night? No. Grumpy Cat would probably not approve of this Grumpy Cat-inspired ad against underage...
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8 Years of Viral History Recounted in Billy Joel-Inspired Song
Earlier this week, YouTube turned 8 years old. Feel old, don’t you? Me too. In one way, it’s hard to imagine a world without it, but on th...
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Keyboard Cat & Nyan Cat Creators Sue Warner Bros
The creators of two popular cat-related internet memes are suing Warner Bros for using their creations in video games dating backt to 2009. The plaint...
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Islamophobic Facebook Post Lands County Commish in Hot Water
Over the weekend, Coffee County, Tennessee Commissioner Barry West posted a photo on his public Facebook profile that has many in the area and across ...
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Mitch McConnell Celebrates Gun Control Defeat with Flippant Facebook ‘Meme’
As you’ve probably heard by now, gun control legislation that would ban certain types of military-style assault rifles, limit magazine sizes, an...
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Alison Brie Cements Internet Sweetheart Status by Imitating Popular Memes
Not only is Alison Brie a great comedic actress (Community) and a great dramatic actress (Mad Men), but it appears that she can also do a really good ...
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Backstreet Boys Finally Get Around to Making a Harlem Shake Video and Your Tween Heart Will Melt
You thought the Harlem Shake was a dead meme, didn’t you? Well, nothing is really complete until the Backstreet Boys have a crack at it, right? ...
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Student Hacker Directs FSU Wi-Fi Users to Infamous Meatspin Video (For a Good Cause)
A 26-year-old Florida State University student has been charged with “offenses against computer users,” a third-degree felony, for hacking...
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Miami Heat Do the Harlem Shake, and It’s an Extended Cut
Yeah, I know. I KNOW, OK? But it’s the Heat and it’s a pretty good one… Ah hell, you can send me hate email. Fine. [MiamiHeat]...
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Ultimate Taylor Swift ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Edition Is (Hopefully) the End of a Meme
It’s a strange a wonderful thing watching a meme work its way across the internet. It twists and turns and morphs in unpredictable ways. Sometim...
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