Ultimate Taylor Swift 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Edition Is (Hopefully) the End of a Meme

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It's a strange a wonderful thing watching a meme work its way across the internet. It twists and turns and morphs in unpredictable ways. Sometimes, it even loops back around on itself, only to shoot off in another direction.

From what I can tell, here's how we got to what you're about to see:

First, a two-minute compilations of goats screaming like humans went viral a couple of weeks ago. At some time after that, someone stuck a screaming goat into the Taylor Swift song "I Knew You Were Trouble." That revitalized an older meme - the "goat edition." After that, people began putting screaming goats into other songs. As of right now, thousands upon thousands of "goat editions" are searchable on YouTube.

But in the last few days, the attention has turned back on Taylor Swift. People began to replace the screaming goat with other things - like a motion-activated paper towel dispenser or Nicolas Cage's "not the bees" bit from The Wicker Man.

Other popular inserts included a screaming bunny and the best cry ever, an old meme from the TV show Intervention.

All of that leads us to what is hopefully the end of all of this. Watch it and you'll see why.

Who am I kidding? It's the internet - this sh*t is probably just getting started.

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