A Big Sex Scandal Involving 'Anti-Gay' Republican Is Brewing, According to Some Redditor

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It's safe to say that the vast majority of the stuff people say on reddit is complete and utter bullshit. That's because reddit exists on the internet, of which 99.9% is total bullshit. When anonymous users are given fake internet points for saying the most interesting or outrageous thing, why in the world would they stick to their boring lives? Lie away, Karma whores! Until I'm proven otherwise, I'll remain cynical.

But it is worth nothing that earlier this week, a redditor said that they'd been in a same-sex relationship with an anti-gay Republican US Senator for three years, and that they planned on going public with the story in about three weeks.

Immediate reaction?

The post occurred on r/AdviceAnimals, one of the site's biggest subreddits. Our OP used the "confession bear" meme to state:

"I've been in a secret same-sex relationship with an anti-gay Republican U.S. Senator for 3 year–I'm going public 3 weeks from today."

Both the user and post has been deleted, but you know as well as I do that nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet:

The user who posted the meme was u/ClostedinKansas. I'll let you glean from that what you will.

The list of "things people have confessed to on reddit" is longer than the list of "major political scandals outed by redditors," but this one is just funny. I'd love nothing more than to see an anti-gay Senator exposed in their hypocrisy, but I don't think we should hold our breath on this one. Remember, fake internet points.

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