It’s Not Just You…Microsoft Outlook’s Spam Filters Are Borked

Users’ inboxes were flooded with spam Monday, an apparent issue with Microsoft Outlook’s spam filters not working.

Helium Called Out for Being Dishonest About Its Clients and Partners

Helium has been lauded as a Web3 success story, but the company has egg on its face after being dishonest about who its customers are.

Twitch Suffers Devastating Cyberattack Exposing Source Code

Twitch, the popular video game streaming platform, suffered a major cyberattack that exposed its source code and payment model.

Judge Rules California Prop. 22 ‘Unconstitutional’

Uber, Lyft and other ride-share and gig economy companies were dealt a major blow, with a judge ruling Prop. 22 is “unconstitutional.”

Musk Sees Starlink Having 500,000 Users in 12 Months

Elon Musk talked about the status of Starlink, along with his expectations for the future, including his belief the service will have 500,000 users in 12 months.

Facebook Cracking Down on Posts Praising Atlanta Shooting

In the latest test of its moderation efforts, Facebook is cracking down on posts praising the Atlanta shooting.

Coronavirus: Facebook Struggling to Keep Up With WhatsApp Usage

In a call to the press, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is struggling to keep up with increased WhatsApp usage.

CES 2020: Upcoming Twitter Feature Will Let You Control Who Replies To Tweets

Twitter announced an upcoming feature being tested that would let individuals control who replies to their tweets, according Mashable’s Karissa Bell, who was in attendance at Twitter’s presentation. Twitter has been struggling for years to combat online trolls, harassment and…

Oldest Photo Of Human Surfaces Online

The oldest known photograph of a person has surfaced online. The picture, which was taken in 1838 by Louis Daguerre, shows what looks like a deserted city. However, upon closer look, you can see a man getting his boots shined…

CNN Mashable Acquisition Rumors Are Back

There were rumors going around at SXSW in April that CNN was in talks to acquire Mashable. Here’s what Reuters had to say about it at the time: Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore at reportedly denied the rumors to Mashable staff.…

Mashable Bought By Conan O’Brien, Replaces CEO

Tech site Mashable has been bought out by the most unlikely of people – late night comedian Conan O’Brien. The purchases comes as a result of O’Brien’s frustration over a lack of decent technology news Web sites and he intends…

CNN To Acquire Mashable? A Possibility, According to Reports From SXSW [Updated]

Update: TechCrunch is reporting that Mashable staffers are saying CEO Pete Cashmore is denying the rumors to them. Reports are coming out of SXSW that CNN is in talks to acquire Mashable. This is being reported by the New York…

The Next Web Is Most Engaged News Group on Google+

According to a new study from Adam Sherk, after examining the frequency of posts with comments, +1s and shares, found that The Next Web has the highest level of engagement on Google+ among other news organizations. TNW eked out above…

Ben Parr Fired From Mashable

Reports have come out that Mashable editor Ben Parr has been fired. John Murrell at AllThingsD reports that word got out that Parr was no longer with Mashable, when emails to him were returned with a message simply saying, “no…

Steve Jobs on iCloud in ’97, HK Apple Store & Social Good

Today’s video round-up features a vintage Steve Jobs clip, some location-based marketing advice from social media guy Chris Brogan, some thought-provoking discussions from Mashable’s Social Good Summit and a few other goodies. View other daily video round-ups here. Steve Jobs…

Business Insider Overtakes Mashable in U.S. Unique Visitors (Compete)

Business Insider has overtaken Mashable in unique visitors according to Compete. It seemed noteworthy when competing blog Mashable overtook TechCrunch as the more popular tech blog, and now Business Insider (whose tech section is technically Silicon Alley Insider) appears to…

Is the State of the News Industry “Pathetic”?

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore tweeted that Monday was the biggest traffic day ever for the publication (in terms of unique visitors. Clearly, it stands to reason that the death of Osama bin Laden and the site’s tendency to show up…

Mashable Affected By Google’s Panda Update? Not Likely.

Hitwise released some new data (we looked at the bigger picture here) obtained by Forbes, related to Google’s Panda Update. It has a list of sites that have experienced drastic changes in Google traffic since before the initial launch of…

Yelp Adds ‘Check-Ins’ To Reviews

The review site Yelp has been interesting to watch over time. It gets a lot of interest from different businesses like Google who was interested buying it. Then it gets more investment from VC’s when those deals don’t pan out.

Rumor: AOL May (Not) Be Buying Mashable

Update: According to Business Insider, Pete Cashmore had this to say on the matter: 

We’re very open to partnerships and always talk with those that get in touch. We’ve certainly spoken to lots of potential partners, some of those conversations more significant than others. But I don’t feel that any of those conversations reached a point at which Mashable is likely to cease being independent.