Dogecoin Surges to New Heights

Dogecoin continues its transition to a serious cryptocurrency, as it surged to an $18 billion market value.

Mark Cuban Says Mavericks Will Accept Dogecoin ‘Because We Can’

What began as a joke is increasingly becoming a serious cryptocurrency, as the Dallas Mavericks are the first to accept Dogecoin as payment via BitPay.

Mark Cuban: Some Banks Actively Not Taking PPP Loan Applications

There are some banks who are actively trying not to take applications and to minimize the number of loans they make through the program says investor Mark Cuban. This is despite the fact that it pays a five percent commission for the loans made on the small businesses.

Don’t Be a Moron: Mark Cuban Reveals the Biggest Mistake New Entrepreneurs Make

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the United States. Dallas Mavericks owner and mogul Mark Cuban says this is because most entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing—raising money.

Mark Cuban Issues Warning to Prospective $1.5 Billon Powerball Winner

Mark Cuban, investor on the popular TV show Shark Tank, has a warning for the prospective winner or winners of the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. In a recent interview with Business Insider, Cuban offered not only his warning, but several…

Bo Derek to Play Tara Reid’s Mom in ‘Sharknado 3’

Bo Derek has signed on to play the role of May, the mother of Tara Reid’s character April, in the upcoming SyFy production of Sharknado 3. Tara Reid and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Ian Ziering have the Sharknado movies to thank…

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Double Date

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend went on a double date with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Saturday night. So where did the two couples go? They started out hanging together at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night Party in Glendale,…

Mark Cuban Hopes The Lakers ‘Suck Forever’

Mark Cuban definitely feels some kind of way about the Los Angeles Lakers. During a recent interview on Los Angeles radio station TheBeast 980, Cuban had absolutely no reservations about sharing his disdain for the NBA franchise. As a matter…

Obama’s Net Neutrality Plan Criticized, Is Reportedly Being Considered By FCC

Earlier this week, President Obama urged the FCC to reclassify Internet service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. He said that ultimately, it’s their decision as they’re an independent agency, but added that four million people publicly commented, asking…

Mark Cuban Attacks Tax Inversion Companies

Billionaire Mark Cuban didn’t get where he is today by not thinking things through from all angles before making a decision. So when he took to Twitter and threw down the gauntlet on U.S. corporations that are taking their tax…