NFL Sets Its Sights On More Games To Be Played In London, Possibly A New Franchise


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It may seem like an odd thing to think about, but as the NFL becomes more about its money-making as a franchise, the league may look to add more games to the schedule that will be played in London.

Although many people may not even realize it, the NFL has already had several teams playing games in London, but of course it does not happen often. There was one game played from 2007 until 2012, but 2013 had London hosting two games, and this year there will be three.

The NFL continues to do whatever it can to attract viewers, and has gained a large number of fans in England as well, despite already having their own version of football that Americans call soccer. The NFL's owners have been pleased with the results that London games have given so far, and as a business, it can usually help to expand to a larger market.

The news of the possibility of adding a fourth game to the NFL's London schedule in 2015 was revealed by Albert Breer via Twitter. Breer is with the NFL network, and said that it will be one of the big business decisions discussed at an owner's meeting this week, although it will not be voted on.

2014 will host three games in London, featuring teams from the NFC and AFC, and teams from around the country. One of the three games this year, Falcons-Lions in Week 8, will kick off at 9:30 a.m. ET. The other two, which will feature the Raiders against Dolphins in Week 4,and Cowboys-Jaguars in Week 10, will start at the usual 1 p.m. ET.

Business tycoon, and NBA owner Mark Cuban also revealed his feelings about the NFL recently, and where he sees problems in the league. Cuban believes that the league is becoming such a greedy for-profit league that it could "implode in 10 years."

Evidence of the league's greed can easily be seen from the salary that the NFL's commissoiner Roger Goodell received in 2012, a grand total of $44.2 million. It places him among the highest-paid executives in the country.

In regards to the NFL in London, the league has also mentioned that it may put a game in a venue other than Wembley Stadium, which has hosted all of the NFL’s London games so far. The NFL may even consider giving London its own franchise, but it is unclear how that would work.

The NFL is likely to make a lot of money if, and when, it expands to having more games in London, and historically, the league will do anything to make money. Is it a good idea to have a franchise team in London?

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