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New Data Shows Importance Of Facebook Shares Over Likes And Comments
When it comes to your Facebook posts, shares appear to be significantly more important than either likes or comments when it comes to increasing your ...
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Twitter Favorites Are Dead, Now You Must “Like” Tweets with a Heart
The Twitter favorite, the star, is dead. Twitter has decided to swap favorites for “likes” and stars for hearts on both its main platform ...
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Microsoft Is Trying to Make Email More Social
If you’ve ever had to desire to “like” an email, Microsoft has you covered. The company is bringing both “likes” and ...
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Man Violates Restraining Order by Liking Facebook Photos
If you’ve recently been hit with a restraining order, it’s probably best for you to stay off Facebook. In today’s reminder that soci...
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Facebook: We’re Getting Better at Axing Fake Likes
Fraudulent likes have always been a problem for Facebook. The company says that fraudulent activity only accounts for a tiny fraction of all the activ...
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Etsy Just Lost Most Of Its Facebook Page Likes [Update: They’re Back]
Update: Etsy’s Page appears to be back in order. As of the time of this writing, it has 1,919,663 likes. Original article (03/13): Last week, Fa...
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Your Facebook Page May Soon Lose Some Likes
Facebook announced that it is making changes to the way Page likes are counted, as it removes memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from P...
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Facebook: Mobile Like Button Is Doing Well For Apps
At its f8 developer conference back in April, Facebook announced the mobile like button for apps, enabling people to like in-app content with a tap. T...
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Facebook Talks About Its Intolerance For Spam
Facebook revealed on Friday that it has obtained nearly $2 billion in legal judgments against spammers, and talked extensively about how it won’...
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Facebook Launches Mobile Like Button For All Android, iOS Developers
Earlier this year at its f8 developer conference, Facebook announced the mobile Like button for apps. At first it was only available in preview for so...
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Instagram Likes Will No Longer Be (Embarrassingly) Shared to Facebook
Here’s an example of how a single social networking action can produce drastically different results on two different social networks. Imagine y...
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Instagram Likes Hard to Come By? Take a Selfie
Your face drives engagement. It’s really that simple. Your Instagram photos (and possibly your Facebook photos too) are going to be much more po...
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Don’t Fire Employees Over Facebook ‘Likes’
In the United States, Facebook likes are protected by the first amendment. Liking something on Facebook is the same as using your right to free speech...
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People on the Internet Are Made Nicer by Other People’s Niceness
If a book, TV show, movie, restaurant, etc. is incredibly popular (I mean, everyone is raving about it), there’s a chance that you might assign ...
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Do You Really Want Facebook Telling You How Many People Are Ignoring Your Posts?
What does it actually mean when one of your Facebook friends “likes” one of your posts? In reality, the like is purposefully vague. It can...
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Facebook Including Instagram Likes in Photo Like Totals
In what appears to be some new integration between Facebook and the Facebook-owned Instagram, it looks like Facebook is now including Instagram likes ...
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State Department Bureau Spent $630,000 Garnering Facebook Likes
In your “why-the-hell” story of the day, it appears that a federal agency spent $630,000 in a campaign to acquire Facebook likes over the ...
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Facebook Adds New Tags For Publishers To Increase Likes, Follows
Facebook announced the launch of two new Open Graph tags for publishers and journalists (OG:Publisher and OG:Author). These allow publishers and story...
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No, Your Facebook Like Won’t Pay for ‘Mermaid Girl’ Surgery
A new hoax making the rounds on Facebook claims that users must like, comment, and share in order to fund surgery for a little girl born with mermaid ...
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Is Liking Something On Facebook An Act Of Free Speech?
Last year, a Virginia judge ruled that a Facebook “like” is not protected by the First Amendment. The story goes like this: Deputy Sheriff...
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