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Passion Pit Frontman Michael Angelakos Comes Out
Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos announced his split with wife Kristy Mucci a couple of months ago. Now, Angelakos has come out as gay. “I...
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Jill Soloway: ‘We Have a Trans Civil Rights Problem’
Jill Soloway won her first Emmy on Sunday, for Outstanding Directing on a Comedy Series for the hit Amazon original show Transparent. And she used her...
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Tim Cook Talks to Stephen Colbert About Coming Out
Tim Cook is one of the country’s most-powerful – and most-visible – CEOs. And it’s that visibility that led him to come out publicly l...
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Kim Davis Charge of Official Misconduct Sent to Attorney General
Kim Davis may have reached the end of her rope. Now we’ll see if she decides to do her job, walk away from that job, or risk arrest and impeachm...
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Kim Davis Closes Clerk Office for ‘Computer Upgrades’ as Protesters Gather
Kim Davis, the County Clerk in Kentucky who has made national headlines for refusing to abide by national law and grant marriage licenses to gay coupl...
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Russia Is Thinking About Blocking Facebook Over Gay Emoji
A little while back Apple and many other platforms adopted a new Unicode standard for emojis that included, among other thing, emojis featuring same s...
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Sarah Palin Mourns Chik-fil-A Matriarch, Readies New Book
Sarah Palin popped up again, but there is no word as to whether she saw her shadow or how long Winter will be. This time, the perennial Facebook-posti...
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Cara Delevingne: Sexuality “Not A Phase,” Flattered by Petition Insisting On Apology from Anna Wintour
Cara Delevingne was recently featured in an interview with Vogue magazine, in which the writer suggested the model’s sexuality was a phase. This...
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Ian McKellen Wasn’t Allowed To Be Himself Until Coming Out
Ian McKellen is like an elder statesman in the gay community. Anytime some uncle at Thanksgiving makes a homophobic comment stereotyping gay people, a...
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Caitlyn Jenner Disrespected by DL Hughley, Even As He Defends Serena Williams
Caitlyn Jenner isn’t going to win everyone over, and she probably already knows that. Revealing herself to the world as trans, and all the recog...
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Caitlyn Jenner Tells Why She Waited So Long
Caitlyn Jenner is taking her job as most visible symbol of the LGBT community seriously. While Bruce Jenner was notoriously reclusive and shut out att...
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Sweet Cakes by Melissa Suit Not About LGBT, But Death Threats
Sweet Cakes by Melissa is getting all kinds of love from Christian conservatives and others who feel that they were wrongly ruled against by an Oregon...
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Candace Cameron Bure Says Her Gay Friends Still Love Her After She Denied Discrimination
The View had Candace Cameron Bure on as guest host recently, and the actress famously got into a bit of a tiff with regular host Raven-Symone. The poi...
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Kim Kardashian Knew About Caitlyn Jenner in 2003
Kim Kardashian gave an interview to Rolling Stone recently in which she dropped several bombshells. One of the most surprising was that she said she h...
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Stella Maxwell Kissing, Playing Grab-Ass With Miley Cyrus [Pics]
Stella Maxwell gets her own press, and needs no help from anyone else. But Miley Cyrus is giving her some anyway. Maxwell is a Victoria’s Secret...
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Hilary Swank Says LGBT Progress Made Her Cry
Hilary Swank broke new ground in film when she starred as real-life transgender man Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry. That was in 1999, and the w...
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Miley Cyrus Smokes Pot With Snoop, Makes Out With Girlfriend [Pics]
Miley Cyrus is shooting the moon in terms of upending her old image. The actress/songstress has left her Hannah Montana clean image in the dirt in fav...
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’19 Kids and Counting’: Duggar Family Chides Nation for Sex Again; Hell Follows After
The Duggar family, particularly the patriarch and matriarch of the clan, are speaking out about another sexual matter. Despite the censure the pair ha...
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Facebook’s Real Name Policy Keeps People Safe, Says Zuckerberg
Facebook, a longtime supporter of LGBT issues, has come under fire in recent months for a policy that, according to those in the transgender community...
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Facebook Says Its Intentions Were Pure with Those Rainbow Profile Pics
When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage, Facebook was ablaze with status updates, link shares, and photo uploads. If you were on Fa...
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