Kim Davis Closes Clerk Office for 'Computer Upgrades' as Protesters Gather

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Kim Davis, the County Clerk in Kentucky who has made national headlines for refusing to abide by national law and grant marriage licenses to gay couples, pulled a fast one today.

After a federal appeals court upheld a lower court ruling ordering her to grant the marriage licenses, Kim Davis still refused to do so. Rather than face protestors and media, Kim Davis and her underlings closed the clerk's office in Rowan County. Davis had a sign posted on the door announcing that the office was "closed for computer upgrades." She and her staff hustled past protestors gathered outside and drove away.

Davis has said that she has asked the court to extend the stay granted her when the lower court ruling was under appeal. That stay was to expire when the federal court weighed in, which it has.

Mat Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel that represents Davis, said he believes the judge's order is still delayed until August 31. Staver announced that he intends to file an emergency petition with the Supreme Court to keep the whole affair going for potentially several more months.

Some Kentuckians, meanwhile, have had enough of Kim Davis. They have taken to social media to express their displeasure and embarrassment.

"She needs to just be dismissed so she can drift away like a fart in the wind. The longer this drags on, the more money she'll make on her book deal."

"Can this stupid woman please disappear from our lives? Please and thank you."

Some have asked if Kentucky can hold a recall election to remove Kim Davis from office, but the state has no such provision. The only recourse would be to impeach her.

One commenter outlined his case against Kim Davis' "religious freedom" argument thusly:

Here is a simple quiz for those who are confused about whether a County Clerk ought to be able to deny people taxpayer-funded services due to religious beliefs:
1. Would you be okay with a County Clerk denying a "mixed race" couple a marriage license because the Clerk thinks miscegenation is wrong according to his/her deeply-held religious beliefs?
2. Would you be in favor of a Muslim County Clerk denying Christians a marriage license because the Clerk holds a sincere religious belief that Christians are infidels? (You can also vice versa that one.)
3. Would you be okay with a Christian County Clerk denying a Jewish couple a marriage license because the Clerk's sincerely-held religious beliefs teach him/her that "Jews" are responsible for killing Jesus Christ?
The fact is, all 3 of these (and many more I could list) are religious beliefs sincerely held by some people, even to this day. Do these beliefs grant those people the right to deny others services?
Be sure and show your work.

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