Kim Davis Charge of Official Misconduct Sent to Attorney General

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Kim Davis may have reached the end of her rope. Now we'll see if she decides to do her job, walk away from that job, or risk arrest and impeachment.

The County Clerk from Rowan County in Kentucky has been defying the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in her county, as she is bound by law and her oath of office to do.

A judge ordered Davis to comply. She appealed. She lost her appeal. She asked for a stay. All the while, she refused to grant licenses. Now the Sixth District Court has denied Kim Davis' request for a stay and left her with no legal option but to comply with the law of the land. On top of that, the Rowan County Attorney's Office has referred a charge of Official Misconduct against Kim Davis to the Kentucky Attorney General's Office.

While waiting for the court's decision last week, Davis and her staff closed the office temporarily.

Davis had a sign posted on the door announcing that the office was "closed for computer upgrades." She and her staff hustled past protestors gathered outside and drove away.

Many have taken to social media to express their displeasure and embarrassment over Kim Davis and her legal fight. Some in Kentucky are particularly embarrassed.

"She needs to just be dismissed so she can drift away like a fart in the wind," one Facebook commenter said. "The longer this drags on, the more money she'll make on her book deal."

Another pleaded, "Can this stupid woman please disappear from our lives? Please and thank you."

Mat Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel that represents Davis, had said that he believed the original judge's order was delayed until August 31. Staver had announced that he intends to file an emergency petition with the Supreme Court to keep the whole affair going for potentially several more months.

With the decision of the Sixth District Court, and barring an emergency petition filing with the Supreme Court, Davis has no choice but to come in to work on Monday and start granting licenses. If she does not, Kentucky does not provide for a recall election. The only option is to charge Davis with contempt of court, impeach her, and remove her from office.

Some have commented about Davis with much derision, arguing that her religious stance should not be imposed on others.

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