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Kate Gosselin Goes on Blind Date, “A Hug or a Handshake?”
Kate Gosselin says she’s not quite sure about dating, but in a clip from the upcoming Kate Plus 8 season premiere special, she heads out on a bl...
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Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Twins Cara and Mady Gosselin Turn 15
Jon and Kate Gosselin are now the proud parents of 15-year-old twins. Cara and Mady Gosselin turned 15 on Thursday. The older of the eight Gosselin ch...
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Kate Gosselin Says Millionaire Jeff Prescott Didn’t Dump Her
Kate Gosselin is vehemently denying recent reports that say she got dumped by millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott. On Wednesday, Entertainment Tonight...
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Kate Gosselin: Was She Dumped by Millionaire Jeff Prescott for Younger Woman?
Kate Gosselin has been unofficially linked to millionaire Jeff Prescott for several months now, however a new rumor says the two have split. That rumo...
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Kate Gosselin’s Ex-Hubby, Jon, Has A New Flame — Meet Colleen
Back in May, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin was seen with rumored boyfriend, millionaire Jeff Prescott at the Talula’s Garden in Phila...
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Colleen Conrad: 5 Things About Jon Gosselin’s New Love Interest
Colleen Conrad and Jon Gosselin have been dating for about nine months now. They’ve been living together for eight. So who is this new woman in ...
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Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin in Love–But Not With Each Other
Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are reportedly both in love–but not with each other. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars have each found new ...
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Christian Audigier: Ed Hardy Designer Dies of Blood Disease
Christian Audigier, the French designer known for creating the Ed Hardy brand of clothing, has died of a rare blood disease at the age of 57. Michele ...
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Kate Gosselin Admits Son Collin Has ‘Challenges’
Kate Gosselin, who once denied son Collin–one of her and Jon Gosselin’s sextuplets–was having problems, has finally opened up and ad...
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Kate Gosselin: Time Since Divorce Has Been “Best Five Years Of My Life”
Kate Gosselin recently celebrated her 40th birthday in Mexico with her eight kids and her best friend. The waves and sun must have put Kate Gosselin i...
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Kate Gosselin Disses Jon Gosselin in ‘Kate Plus 8’s The Big Four Oh!’ Promo Clip: Life Since Divorce ‘Greatest Five Years’ of Her Life
Kate Gosselin issued a rather low blow to Jon Gosselin with a comment she made recently. Whether she intended to do so or not, her comment definitely ...
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Kate Gosselin: Bodyguard Steve Neild Helping ’19 Kids and Counting’s’ Josh and Anna Duggar Move
Kate Gosselin has long been flanked by bodyguard Steve Neild. Photos of Neild accompanying her in New York–when she appeared on Celebrity Appren...
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Kate Gosselin: Is She Engaged to Jeff Prescott? Diamond Ring Fuels Speculation
Is Kate Gosselin engaged to Jeff Prescott? The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star was spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring at a TLC event in Philade...
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Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Reportedly Calls Police On Ex-Wife, Takes Emergency Custody Of Daughter Hannah
Those poor Gosselin children. Aside from the stress of growing up in the glare of TV cameras and their parents bitter divorced broadcasted for all to ...
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Jon Gosselin: Did He Remove Daughter Hannah from Kate Gosselin’s Care? Was He Granted Emergency Custody?
Jon Gosselin reportedly removed daughter Hannah Gosselin from mom Kate Gosselin’s care, taking emergency custody of the 11-year-old sextuplet. A...
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Kate Gosselin Spotted On Date With Millionaire Jeff Prescott
Kate Gosselin is apparently still dating millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott. The two were spotted out on the town, enjoying dinner at an upscale rest...
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Kate Gosselin: Did She and Bodyguard Steve Neild Take Romantic Vacation With Kids?
Did Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard Steve Neild take a romantic vacation to Mexico–with the eight Gosselin children? That’s what RadarOnli...
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Kate Gosselin Allegedly Had Affair With Bodyguard, TLC Bought Photos to Hide Truth?
Kate Gosselin has long been rumored to have had an affair with her bodyguard Steve Neild. Some sources say it’s true, while others claimed it wa...
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Kate Gosselin Says She Doesn’t Have An Ego
Kate Gosselin has gotten a reputation over the years for being somewhat high-maintenance, a fact she’s well aware of. On the reality show that f...
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Kate Gosselin Claims Only Some of Her Children Visit Dad Jon Gosselin
Kate Gosselin claims that only some of her eight children visit their father, Jon Gosselin. According to a report from E! News, the former Jon and Kat...
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