Ireland’s Data Protection Commission Fines WhatsApp $267 Million

WhatsApp has been fined €225 million ($267 million) for violations of the EU’s GDPR.

Facebook Loses Fight to Block EU-US Data Law

Facebook has lost a major battle against an EU privacy law, one that would prevent EU data from being sent to the US.

EU Loses Case to Force Amazon to Pay Back Taxes

The European Union has lost a high-profile case in which it was trying to force Amazon to pay $300 million in back taxes.

Irish Commission Investigating Facebook Over Data Leak

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is investigating Facebook over the 533 million user records that appeared online.

EU Court Upholds Apple’s Irish Tax Deal

Apple scored a big win in European courts, with the General Court of the European Union ruling Apple’s tax deal with Ireland was legal.

Brexit Means No GDPR Protection: Google May Move UK User Data

Brexit may have finally happened, but one side effect people may not have anticipated is losing GDPR protection as Google may be moving UK data out of the EU.

Google Buying Tech Startup Pointy To Help Businesses List Inventory Online

Google is doubling down on its efforts to make inroads in the retail market, with its latest planned acquisition aimed at helping brick and mortar businesses list their inventory online. Pointy is a Dublin, Ireland-based tech startup that specializes in…

Google To Stop Using Irish And Dutch Tax Loopholes

According to Reuters, Google’s parent Alphabet will stop using a tax strategy known as the “Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich” to minimize U.S. taxes. The tax practice involved using a subsidiary in the Netherlands “to shift revenue from royalties earned outside…

Heather Mills: Paul McCartney is ‘Someone Who Happened to Write a Few Cool Songs’

Heather Mills may be delusional. It certainly beggars belief that she could have been married to Paul McCartney and not know what kind of enduring impact he has had — and continues to have — on the world with his…

Gay Bull of Ireland Afforded Sanctuary in Britain

Benjy, dubbed the gay bull of Ireland, which was set to be slaughtered for failing to mate with any heifers, has been offered a reprieve, with the help of The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon. Simon, who is battling colon cancer,…