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Tag: iPhone 4S

iPhone 5S/5C Make Their Way To Boost Mobile On November 8
The iPhone 5S and 5C launch has been the most successful iPhone launch yet for Apple with over 9 million units sold in the first weekend. You could at...
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T-Mobile Lets You Put $99 Down On iPhone 5
Not only did T-Mobile announce the availability of the iPhone 5 today, but it announced that consumers can put $99 down on the device, with monthly pa...
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iPhone 5 Took Over The World In Q4 2012
A recent analysis of the smartphone market in 2012 found that Android dominated with over two-thirds of total smartphone shipments. The wide variety o...
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This iPhone Pepper Spray Case Lets You Blind Attackers Mid-Tweet
It looks like we’ve found former UC Davis Campus Police Lieutenant John Pike‘s new favorite iPhone case. As smartphones become even more u...
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iPhone 4S Now Only $99, iPhone 4 Now Free
The news everyone was waiting for today was the iPhone 5. And though Apple put on a good show and will no doubt sell millions of iPhone 5’s, not...
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iPhone 4S Loses the Top-Selling Smartphone Position
Just in time for the impending announcement of the iPhone 5, news has come that the iPhone 4S has been surpassed as the most-bought smartphone. Boy Ge...
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iPhone 5 Rumor: Leaked iPhone 4 Comparison Pics
Another day, another iPhone 5 rumor. Though, as the launch of Apple’s new smartphone and its inevitable success draws near, the rumors are begin...
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iPhone Prices Drop Ahead Of iPhone 5 Release Date
The new iPhone, which may or may not be called the iPhone 5 (probably not) is expected to be unveiled on September 12. That leaves retailers about a m...
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Otterbox Launches The Opposite Of The iPhone Stun Gun Case
We just wrote about a new iPhone case from Yellow Jacket, which doubles as a stun gun, in order to help you avoid being burglarized, raped or murdered...
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This Case Lets You Hurt People With Your iPhone (And Soon Android)
Yellow Jacket has created an iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun. According to a promo video for the product, you may use this to avoid: robbery, a...
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Jelly Bean Voice Search Vs. Siri: A Video Throwdown
Earlier this month during their WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple unveiled iOS 6. With it came some significant improvements for Siri, including some general (...
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Video Captures Siri, S Voice Showdown
If you’ve heard much about Samsung’s new Galaxy S III, you’ve probably heard about S Voice. In case you’re not familiar, S Voi...
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Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple Messed Up Siri
If there’s one thing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak knows how to do, it’s speak his mind, even if the Apple fanboys hate him for it. Good ...
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iOS 6: Which Features Will Your Device Get?
Without a doubt, one of the biggest highlights of yesterday’s WWDC 2012 keynote was iOS 6. Apple’s latest mobile operating system packs in...
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iPhone 4S Coming To Virgin Mobile June 29
Following rumors earlier this week that they would do so, Virgin Mobile has announced this morning that they will begin offering Apple’s iPhone ...
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iPhone 4S Coming To Virgin Mobile?
The announcement that Apple’s iPhone 4S is coming Cricket Wireless slated for later this month has set off a storm of speculation about the poss...
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John Malkovich Siri Ad Inspires Parody Twitter Account
You may recall a couple weeks ago, when Apple started airing two new commercials for the iPhone 4S – Siri, specifically – starring John Ma...
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Boost Mobile May Be Next Carrier To Get The iPhone
UPDATE: A Boost spokesperson declined to comment on the rumors, saying “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation on our product portfolio....
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Study: IPhone Users Hog All the Data
The Huffington Post is reporting a study that finds iPhone users comprise 80 percent of the top 10% of data users. The report comes from consulting fi...
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iPhone 4S Coming To Cricket Wireless June 22
Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone 4S, is about to make its way to another new carrier: Cricket Wireless. The company announced today that it ...
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