iPhone 5 Rumor: Leaked iPhone 4 Comparison Pics

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Another day, another iPhone 5 rumor. Though, as the launch of Apple's new smartphone and its inevitable success draws near, the rumors are beginning to look more like leaks. Take, for example, the pictures leaked yesterday showing the larger display and new circuit board of the iPhone 5. The French website nowhereelse.fr leaked those pics, which show the new iPhone as clearly having an all-new aspect ratio from the iPhone 4.

Today, the same website has published new photos of a completely assembled iPhone 5 right beside an iPhone 4 for comparison. An iPhone 3G is even thrown in to show how Apple's smartphones have evolved over the past few years:

IPhone 5 comparison pic

iPhone 5 comparison pic 2

As you can see, the iPhone 5 does indeed sport a lengthened design, though many of its other design features resemble the iPhone 4. In the pictures below, it can also be seen just how much thinner the iPhone 5 is than the iPhone 4. All of the buttons, including the ever-present iPhone home button, are seen as being in the exact places they were on the iPhone 4.

So, while the iPhone 5 might not look as revolutionary as the iPhone 4 did at its launch, it does represent a steady iteration on Apple's designs and will be a slick addition to the iPhone family.

(Pics courtesy nowhereelse.fr)