John Malkovich Siri Ad Inspires Parody Twitter Account

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You may recall a couple weeks ago, when Apple started airing two new commercials for the iPhone 4S - Siri, specifically - starring John Malkovich. The two ads showcased Siri's ability to handle very simple commands, as opposed to the conversational style of interaction most commercials demonstrate.

This is the second time in recent memory that Apple has used celebrities in its ads. Back in April they released a pair of ads showing Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson interacting with Siri. As you might expect, each of those ads spawned its own parody - a Twitter account making fun of Deschanel's silly question, and a video that put Siri into a famous scene from Pulp Fiction.

Unsurprisingly, Malkovich's two commercials have inspired some parodies of their own. The Twitter account SiriAndJohn portrays Malkovich asking Siri a variety of questions. In keeping with the tone ads, the tweets are usually taciturn. Check out a sample below:

Tell me a joke. In the joke, someone must die. For when laughter echoes, we all die. A little.
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Non-irritating gold leaf for full-body use.
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Cancel sock closet feng shui appointment. Move fitting for Thor helmet to Friday morning.
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Set up a meeting with my therapist. Then cancel it. Then set it up again. Remind me to cry softly later as I stand in the shower.
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What time is my staring appointment with Christopher Walken?
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The Twitter account, of course, isn't the only parody of Malkovich's ads out there. In the second of the two ads, Malkovich has Siri tell him a joke. Siri responds with the only joke she knows: "Two iPhones walk into a bar... I forget the rest." That wasn't good enough for the folks at Slacktory, though. They thought Siri's sense of humor needed a little boost, so they made their own version in which Siri tries a couple of (slightly) funnier jokes. When those don't do the trick, she tells him "The iRistocrats," an iPhone-centric (and astonishingly clean) version of the most offensive joke in the world: The Aristocrats. Check out the video below (but be aware that there's some language at the very end of the video that isn't suitable for work):