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Amazon Cheaps Out In Offer to Influencers and Gets Roundly Mocked
Amazon has provided some laughs to influencers, offering them an extraordinarily low offer to make videos for the company's Inspire feed....
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Instagram Prohibits Influencers From Promoting Tobacco, Vaping & Weapons
Instagram has long had rules restricting advertisers from promoting tobacco, vaping and weapons, but influencers have been exempt from those restricti...
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Facebook’s New Creator App Will Help Social Influencers Create More Video Content
Facebook is doing everything it can to woo influencers away from YouTube. The rollout of its Creator app might be just what the social media giant nee...
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As LinkedIn’s Influencer Program Grows, Richard Branson Hits 1 Million Followers
At the beginning of October, LinkedIn debuted their new “Influencer” initiative, which allowed users to follow specific “thought lea...
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Content More Memorable When Shared By Close Friends
Data suggests that content and ideas online spread most effectively through large numbers of people sharing with small groups. There is little support...
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Businesses Harness Social With SocialChorus
SocialChorus is a company that matches brands with social influencers who can help them sell what they have to offer. “Social media has democrat...
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