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Should Entrepreneurs Seek Crowdfunding?
A lot of entrepreneurs in todays landscape must decide whether or not to go the crowdfunding route. If you ask multi-billionaire Richard Branson, you&...
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Super Troopers 2 Hits Crowdfunding Goal in a Day
We meow live in a world where we, the people, are spending our hard-earned money to help get movies off the ground. We did it for Veronica Mars, Zach ...
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Star Trek Town in Canada Crowdfunds Building Functional, Full-Size Enterprise
In the Canadian Badlands, in the province of Alberta, there is a little town called Vulcan. The folks in Vulcan take the responsibility inherent in th...
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Indiegogo’s iOS App Goes Global, Android App on the Way
Crowdfunding company Indiegogo has just joined the ranks of those with a native iOS app, launching the new version Thursday morning. The app was first...
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Elon Musk Gives $1M to Nikola Tesla Museum
In 2012, popular internet comic Matthew Inman, better known as The Oatmeal, published his most-viral comic to date – an ode to Nikola Tesla, who he ...
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The True Terror Of Caffeine Is That We Run Out Of The Stuff
Caffeine is the most widely consumed drug on the planet. It’s in everything from coffee and tea to chocolate and energy bars. What happens then ...
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Shaq Fu Is Back, Seeks Funding on Indiegogo
In 1994, Shaq would lend his name to a fighting game that went down in history as one of the worst video games ever made. Now Shaq Fu is back, and we&...
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Katherine Heigl Raising Funds for ‘Jenny’s Wedding’
Katherine Heigl was noticeably absent from the Hollywood scene for a time, as reported in the video clip above, because no one wants to work with her....
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Run Crowdfunding Campaigns On Your Web Site With Indiegogo Outpost
When one thinks of crowdfunding, they usually think of Kickstarter first. After all, a lot of successful projects get funded through the Web site. Tha...
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An Affordable Metal 3D Printer Looks For Funding On Indiegogo
The cost of plastic-based 3D printers have gone down tremendously over the years thanks in part to innovations in construction and the expiration of k...
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3Dsimo Is The Future Proof 3D Printer Pen
Earlier this year, a 3D printer pen called the 3Doodler took to Kickstarter asking for a modest $30,000. As it turns out, people really liked the idea...
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3D Babies Takes The Creepy Crown From Those 3D Printed Fetuses
Remember those 3D printed fetuses that were all the rage in Japan last year? It was a little creepy, sure, but at least it was a little endearing. A s...
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Here’s Another Cheap Resin-Based 3D Printer For Your Consideration
Resin-based 3D printers are expensive. They got cheaper last year with the Form 1 – a stereolithographic 3D printer that only costs $2,299. Now ...
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The Cheapest 3D Printer Ever Takes To Kickstarter
Are you in the market for a 3D printer, but find that the current asking price of a few hundred dollars is still too much? What about a 3D printer for...
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The FABtotum Is More Than Just A 3D Printer
Last week, I said that Zeus from AIO Robotics may be the new god of 3D printers. That’s because it could print, scan and fax 3D printed designs ...
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Ubuntu Edge Doesn’t Reach $32 Million In Funding, Canonical Remains Optimistic
The Ubuntu Edge was a highly ambitious smartphone with an equally ambitious Indiegogo campaign. Canonical hoped to raise $32 million in a month to fun...
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Family Guy Chicken Fight Gets Live Action Reenactment
This is something that should be filed under “when crowd-funding goes right,” because what we have is fantastic allocation of donated fund...
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Kite Patch Looks to Make You Invisible to Mosquitos with Wildly Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
When it comes to defending yourself against one of life’s greatest nuisances, mosquitos, you’re pretty much limited to a few unappealing o...
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Ubuntu Wants $32 Million To Make A Smartphone
Ubuntu announced earlier this year that it was bringing its unique flavor of Linux to smartphones and tablets. At the time, it said that it was workin...
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This iPhone/Cup Holder Is the Ultimate First World Problem Solver
A new solution to a first world problem wants your money. How often do you find yourself unable to properly text, Facebook, or play Temple Run because...
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