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Google Improves Image Search Results, Reduces Duplicates
Google has made changes to its search algorithm to improve image search results by cutting down on duplicates....
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Pinterest Now Lets You Embed Bigger Pins On Your Site
Pinterest announced that it is now letting you embed bigger pins on your website or blog. You’ve long been able to embed pins, but until now, th...
Read More Adds Support For WebP Image Format
The image service, which delivers the images bloggers use in their posts to their audiences, now supports the WebP image format. With th...
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Hey, Where Did My Twitter Background Go?
Have you logged on to today? If so, you were probably greeted with a much whiter background than you remember setting. That’s becaus...
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‘Marlboro Mascot’ Yields a Funny Google Search Result Thanks to John Oliver
If you search for “Marlboro Mascot’ right now in Google, the first result you’ll see is an cartoon diseased lung smoking a cigarette...
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Google Gives Chromecast Users More Image Options
One of the nice things about Google’s Chromecast other than its incredibly attractive price tag, is that it keeps getting better on its own than...
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Google Drive Gets New Image Features
Google announced the release of two new features for working with images in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings: the ability to reset an image and the a...
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What Brands Are Doing Wrong With Visual Social Media
In case you haven’t noticed, consumers on the Internet are doing a lot of their online communication through visuals these days. People are shar...
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This Infographic Teaches You About Facebook’s News Feed Image Sizes
You may have noticed some changes to the way Facebook’s News Feed looks lately. Facebook marketing app Gain has the imaging of the new design fi...
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Gmail Starts Showing Images Automatically
It’s the dawn of a new era. Gmail will now show images in emails automatically. As Google explains in a blog post, Gmail has historically asked ...
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Facebook Looks To Boost Your Click-Through Rates With Bigger Pictures
Facebook quietly announced last week that it has rolled out larger images for link shares in a move that it says will help boost click-through rates. ...
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Norman Chan’s Massive Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery Is Something To Behold
In case you aren’t aware, Norman Chad is a consumer electronic reporter for, the site created by Mythbusters hosts, Jamie Hyneman and...
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Imgur Launches New Meme Generator
It’s been a big week for Imgur, the popular social image sharing service. The company finally launched its first mobile app over a year after hi...
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Twitter Tests Thumbnail Image Previews Inside Tweets
It appears that Twitter is looking to give users more context about the photos others share in tweets – or at least make it easier to determine ...
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Imgur CEO Talks New Mobile App, Relationship With Reddit
On Monday, image sharing service Imgur finally released its first mobile app, launching on Android first. It turns out it’s not that they just w...
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Google SafeSearch Changes Finally Hit Germany, France, and Other Non-English Speaking Countries
Back in December, Google made some subtle changes to their Image search. To make a long story short, Google made it so that users in the U.S. could no...
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Imgur Finally Launches Mobile App, Starts With Android
Last year, Imgur told us we could expect mobile apps in the fall, but that never happend. They did, however, launch a major site redesign, which appea...
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BuzzFeed Sued For Millions Over 1/30 Of One Of Its Photo Compilations
A photographer is suing popular viral content site Buzzfeed over a photograph it used in a collection back in 2010. The photographer is seeking $3.6 m...
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Play Atari’s Breakout in Google Image Search with This Awesome Easter Egg
If you were planning on getting any more work done today, well, cancel those plans. Go to Google Image search and type “atari breakout.” A...
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Facebook Adds Separate Feeds For Music, Images And More In News Feed
Facebook unveiled a new News Feed design today that places more of an emphasis on the things users care about. Before the unveiling, there were rumors...
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