Play Atari's Breakout in Google Image Search with This Awesome Easter Egg

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If you were planning on getting any more work done today, well, cancel those plans. Go to Google Image search and type "atari breakout."

Are you doing it yet?

What you'll find is a wonderful little Easter Egg from Google, who have turned the image search results for the classic Atari game into a fun little game of their own. Each time you complete a level, Google auto-generates another set of image results for you to bust. From our experience, it's usually some sort of food like "milkshake" or dog like "mastiff."

Once you're done busting up image blocks, you can share your high score on Google+. The game, while fun, doesn't get any harder as you progress. So there will be some really high scores to beat, I'm sure.

Atari's Breakout first launched back in April of 1976, which means that it's currently 37 years old. Nearly four decades old, simple as can be, but still addicting as hell - as any great arcade game should be.

Link for the lazy.

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