Facebook Adds Separate Feeds For Music, Images And More In News Feed

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Facebook unveiled a new News Feed design today that places more of an emphasis on the things users care about. Before the unveiling, there were rumors that the design would feature separate feeds for things like music, images and more. That turned out to be true as each separate feed will get its own place in the News Feed.

When the News Feed goes live, users will see the News Feed appear in the top right corner of the screen. All of the feeds will be organized based upon how much a user utilizes them with the most used feeds appearing near the top.

So, what kind of feeds can we expect to see? The first is the "All Friends Feed" that lists every post from every friend in chronological order. As rumored, Facebook will provide a redesigned "Music Feed" and "Photo Feed" as well. The "Music Feed" will show what musicians are posting alongside what friends are listening to. It also shows any albums that were recently released alongside any nearby concerts from bands that you're following. The "Photo Feed" is more self-explanatory in that it features every photo posted by friends and family in chronological order.

Outside of those feeds, the other feeds get a bit more interesting. The first of these more unique feeds is the "Following Feed" that lists all the posts from the brands, pages and public figures you follow in chronological order. Facebook was sure to emphasize that those on this feed will see every post made by pages they follow. It seems to suggest that promoted posts won't have an effect here, and brands concerned over users not seeing their content will have a safe haven here.

The other feeds include the "Best Friends Feed" and "Games Feed" which are pretty self-explanatory. The former collects all the posts from those designated as best friends, and the games feed will display every game that your friends are playing.

Last but not least, the "Most Recent" feed isn't going anywhere. This will collect all of the posts from friends and pages in chronological order.

Some desktop users will begin seeing the new News Feed on Facebook starting today as Facebook is rolling out in a limited fashion. Mobile users will see it show up in the coming weeks.