Google Apps Ends Support For Internet Explorer 9

Are you still using Internet Explorer 9? It’s not exactly a dead browser yet as Microsoft still officially supports it, but Google Apps has turned its back on it. In an announcement today on the Google Apps blog, the company…

Internet Explorer 9.0.6 Now Available, Fixes Security Flaws

I remember just a few years ago when Internet Explorer was the laughing stock of the browser community. It lacked the functionality that other browsers had while lacking even basic security functions. It’s what led to the impression that IE…

Internet Explorer 9 Ad Goes Artistic

I think that Microsoft is onto something with this latest ad for Internet Explorer 9. While some people will still gawk and laugh at Microsoft’s web browser, their latest ad sells it in a way that’s artistic and unique without…

Huge Pac-Man Game Chomps at IE 9

It’s becoming quite common nowadays to show off when a discussing Internet browsers, especially when they launch. From Mozilla’s love of infographics and cool-looking maps, to Google’s use of “pop-up” reminders for visitors who show up sporting anything but Chrome,…

Firefox 4 Off To Strong Start

Mozilla Firefox 4, has already grabbed 1.95 percent of the global Internet browser market since its launch yesterday, according to a new report from StatCounter. StatCounter said on the first day of its release Firefox 4 scored higher worldwide than…

Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

Microsoft announced today their latest version of Internet Explorer reached 2.3 million downloads in 24 hours. Will IE9 be the catalyst to allow Microsoft to gain some ground back in market share? The past few years, IE has steadily lost…

IE9 Launch Scheduled For March 14th

Monday, March 14th (and Tuesday, March 15th, depending on time zones and when everyone goes to bed) may come to mark a significant turning point in the browser wars.  Microsoft’s announced that it will make the final version of Internet…

MWC11: IE9 Coming to Windows Phones This Year

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced several new features for Windows Phone today in a keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One feature is a "dramatically enhanced" version of Internet Explorer 9, which will become available for the mobile operating system in the second half of this year. 

WordPress Reveals IE9 Pinning Features

Internet Explorer 9 (beta) was launched to the public this week, and it’s gotten a lot of buzz and high marks. It’s also gotten a lot of web properties doing things to utilize its features. Microsoft’s own Bing features are certainly interesting. 

IE9 Now Available for Download

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 9 is now available for download. It’s already getting some pretty positive buzz, particularly for an Internet Explorer release.

Ed Bott at ZDNet calls it "the most ambitious browser release Microsoft has ever undertaken". Pretty strong words. 

The download even has its own special domain at

Bing Takes Advantage of IE9’s Capabilities

As you probably know, Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer 9 (beta) publicly today. It can be downloaded here