Microsoft: Leaders Have Hybrid Work ‘Productivity Paranoia’

Microsoft has released a new survey on the state of hybrid work, finding a major issue with trust among corporate leaders.

Etsy Closing Offices As Employees Keep Working Remotely

Etsy has announced it is closing its Hudson, NY and San Francisco, CA offices in response to employees continuing to work remotely.

How Microsoft Is Outmaneuvering Google

Microsoft and Google are two of the biggest tech companies in the world, competing on multiple fronts, but the older company is coming out ahead where it matters.

Fridays Are the Latest Casualty of Hybrid Work

As companies increasingly embrace hybrid work, Fridays appear to be the most recent casualty, with employees not coming in on the last workday.

Cisco Wants to Fix Hybrid Work With Webex

Despite being a big supporter of hybrid and remote work, Cisco believes its current incarnation could use some work and is tackling the problem with new Webex features.

Salesforce Focused On ‘Driving Success From Anywhere’

On the heels of a “phenomenal quarter,” Salesforce is doubling down on its hybrid work model and “driving success from anywhere.”

Hybrid Work Disparity Is Fueling the Great Resignation

Disparity between hybrid work requirements for managers and employees is leading to near-record dissatisfaction, further fueling the Great Resignation.

Google Bringing Back Employees Three Days a Week Starting April

Google has told employees they should start coming into the office three days a week, beginning April 4, as the pandemic winds down.

Microsoft’s Headquarters Will Reopen the End of February

Microsoft has signaled it is preparing to open its headquarters at the end of February, a major step in its return to normal.

Zoom Exec Sees Growth Post-Pandemic Thanks to Hybrid Work

Zoom is one of the companies that has benefited most from pandemic-fueled workplace changes, and sees that continuing post-pandemic.

Microsoft Announces Loop, a Fluid-Powered Collaboration Tool

Microsoft’s vision for the future of remote and hybrid work is taking shape with its announcement of Loop, a new collaboration tool based on Fluid.

Satya Nadella: Companies Shouldn’t Be Dogmatic About In-Office vs Remote

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken again about the ongoing workplace transformation, saying companies should not be dogmatic.

Braintrust CEO: Fully Distributed Is the Future, Not Hybrid Work

Hybrid workflows may be the talk of the day, but Braintrust CEO Adam Jackson says distributed work is the direction companies should be going.

The Future of Work is Hybrid Workplace

Prior to the pandemic, remote work was a fringe concept in the American workplaces.  While it existed, relatively few people were in a position to work from home.  Yet when COVID-19 reached the US, lockdowns pushed 95% of office workers…

Microsoft: ‘The Digital Employee Experience IS The Employee Experience’

Microsoft has shared a number of insights about how remote work has become the “new normal,” and updated several apps to reflect that.

Apple Employees Send Second Letter Protesting Return-to-Office Policy

Apple employees have sent a second letter to company leadership objecting to plans for a return to the office.

Apple Employees Quitting Over Remote Work Policy

Apple is facing more pushback from employees who are threatening to quit over the company’s remote work policy.

Uber Wants Employees in the Office 50% of the Time

Uber has told staff it wants them in the office 50% of the time, as the company continues to adapt to a changed workplace.

Cisco CEO: Customers Preparing For Hybrid Work Model

“We are really seeing the impact of this hybrid work model,” says Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins. “We are seeing the preparation for hybrid work and the return to the office. Customers are absolutely believing this is going to occur and…

Google Finally Embraces Long-Term Hybrid Work

Google has finally embraced long-term hybrid work, paving the way for employees to have more flexibility.