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Tag: higgs boson

Exotic Hadron Particle Confirmed by LHC
Quarks, or subatomic, elementary particles of other subatomic particles, have only been known to exist since the 1960’s. Since that time, though...
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Higgs Boson Team Wins Nobel Prize for Physics
LiveScience and Reuters both report that Peter Higgs of Britain and Francois Englert of Belgium have been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for physics yes...
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Higgs boson Discovery Nets Nobel Prize
Francois Englert and Peter Higgs were awarded the Nobel Prize for physics on Tuesday for work that led to last year’s discovery of the Higgs bos...
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Google Street View Goes Inside CERN Lab
Google has launched new Street View imagery from inside CERN, the lab near Geneva where the Large Hadron Collider resides. “We’re delighted th...
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Higgs Boson Found in Large Hadron Collider Data
Scientists working with data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) this week revealed that a detailed analysis suggests that the elusive Higgs...
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What is the Higgs Boson? These Hipsters Are Clueless
With the scientific community still buzzing about this week’s announcement concerning the Higgs boson, we think it’s important to educate ...
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This Guy and His Beard Explain the Higgs Boson to You Like You’re a Dumb Child
Over the past couple of days, you may have read that scientists have found the Higgs boson. You may have even heard some people refer to it as the ...
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Higgs-Boson: What Is The “God Particle”, And Why Is It So Important?
Particle physicists think they have discovered a key element to a question we have never been able to answer: where did we come from? While it’s...
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Help the Higgs Boson Elude Pesky Scientists in This Fantastic iPhone Game
If you’ve been following news from the world of physics lately, it’s likely you’re familiar with the search for the Higgs boson, or,...
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LHC Physicists Explain the Higgs Boson Particle
The Large Hadron Collider is pretty interesting. New subatomic particles are being discovered with its utilization. Just last Friday a new particle wa...
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God Particle Not Found by CERN, Finds Comic-Sans Instead
CERN is an organization which can be accredited for bringing us the internet via Tim Berners-Lee, along with other scientific and technological advanc...
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CERN Presents Status Of Search For The Higgs Boson
The quiet moments of the day can typically permit deep, existential questions to steep in the mind and, allowed enough time, germinate into severe con...
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