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Tag: Health

Caffeine May Impact Gut Health Unexpected Discovery Finds
Studies are showing that caffeine may impact gut health. Learn more about this new trends in the article below. ...
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Employer’s Guide to Health and Safety Law in the UK: Ensuring a Healthy Work Environment
Keep up with workplace trends - learn more about UK employer health and safety law for a healthy work environment below....
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Sleep Loss Robs Your Health And Wealth
A look at how sleep loss robs your health and wealth...
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Pneumatic Tubes: Keeping Health Systems Running Smoothly
As we know, hospitals must run efficiently to keep up with demand - learn how pneumatic tubes are keeping health systems running smoothly. ...
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Improving Infection Control in Nursing Homes
Being able to improve infection control in nursing homes is of the utmost importance to the health and safety of all....
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Blockchain and Healthcare: The Future of Medicine
Data breaches are becoming more and more frequent, and they are posing serious threats to the healthcare industry. Breaches in the healthcare industry...
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A Look at Advancing Digital Health Trends
Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the way that digital health trends has taken an active role in bettering our society.  It has kept us connected...
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How the Nursing Home Industry Can Recover Through Cleanliness
2020 will be remembered as one of the worst years for the nursing home industry. Of the 500,000+ coronavirus deaths in the United States, over a third...
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The Causes of Muscle Pain and How to Eliminate Them
Muscle pain is a major issue in the world today. According to a 2017 Global Burden of Disease study, musculoskeletal conditions were the main contribu...
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How To Find Trustworthy Supplements on Amazon
One of the largest businesses in the world, Amazon, makes up 77% of all supplement sales online. This percent is larger than the five biggest vitamin ...
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Walmart Partners With Zipline For Drone Delivery
Walmart has partnered with Zipline to deliver health-related products directly to customers. The new service will make on-demand deliveries of select ...
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Senators Will Introduce Coronavirus Data Privacy Bill
A group of senators will introduce legislation to help protect consumer privacy as companies focus on using data to help combat COVID-19....
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The Cost Of Back Pain In The Workplace
Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Eight in ten adults will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime, but causes and ...
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Facebook Study Looks At Technology’s Role in Personal Health
Facebook IQ, Facebook’s research wing, which uses Facebook Insights along with work from researchers, with the goal of helping marketers better ...
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Zika Virus Threatens The U.S., Women Warned Not To Get Pregnant
The tropical Zika virus is expecteded to spread in the U.S. and the Americas – with the exception of Canada and Chile – according to a statement r...
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E-Cigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Smoking, Says UK Report
According to a UK health agency, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are about 95% less harmful than smoking, according to its best estimate. “I wa...
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Crohn’s Disease Linked To Additives Common In The Food We Eat
A recent study has proven that additives found in food such as margarine, ice cream, and processed food products may be responsible for inflammatory ...
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Yelp Aims To Eradicate Food Poisoning
Two years ago, Yelp started showing health scores on listings in San Francisco and New York City. In the meantime it has begun doing so in other areas...
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Google Starts Returning Quick Medical Facts
Google is about to start displaying more medical information in its Knowledge Graph, enabling users to quickly search and retrieve important health in...
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New MSN Apps Released For iOS, Android
Microsoft has launched some new MSN Apps for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. These are platform expansions of apps currently available for Windows. ...
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