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Sue Klebold Gives First Interview Since Columbine
Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold, has stayed out of the public eye for many years. Now, she’s breaking her silence. Kl...
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Ted Nugent Targets Jews in Gun Rights Facebook Rant
Ted Nugent has gone full ted Nugent again, this time suggesting that a vast Jewish conspiracy is trying erode gun rights. Nugent made the claim in a F...
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Sarah Palin: “Obama Wept, While We All Continue to Weep for Our Country”
In a short op-ed for, former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has lashed out at President Obama for crying during his emotional g...
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Sofia Vergara, Amy Schumer, and More Say ‘We Can End Gun Violence’
Sofia Vergara joined a strong contingent of celebrities in a recent video campaign to end gun violence. Vergara appeared alongside Olivia Munn, REM;s ...
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Amy Schumer Urges Action on Gun Control
Amy Schumer has discussed gun control before, and the latest shootings in San Bernardino had her take to Twitter again to urge her followers to demand...
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Amy Schumer Talks Gun Control at Glamour Awards
Amy Schumer is still taking every opportunity she can to call for tighter gun laws. Schumer, of course, has ties to a mass shooting that took place in...
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Tombstone Shooting: Reenactment Mishap Injures Two at O.K. Corral
Things got a little too real in Tombstone, Arizona this past weekend as two people at a reenactment were shot with actual bullets. Tombstone, Arizona ...
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Julianne Moore Taps Celebs for New Campaign to End Gun Violence
Julianne Moore has enlisted dozens upon dozens of celebrities to call for an end to gun violence in the United States. A difficult task for sure, but ...
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Olive Garden: “Not Our Policy” to Tell Cops They Can’t Have Guns
Olive Garden has issued an apology to a Kansas City police officer after he was told he wasn’t welcome inside the restaurant while carrying a gu...
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Teen’s Homemade Gun-Equipped ‘Drone’ Sparks FAA Investigation
A short YouTube video of a quadcopter has prompted an investigation from the Federal Aviation Administration. This 14-second clip is simply titled ...
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Uber Just Banned Guns
Uber just banned guns. In a reversal, Uber has just put a policy in place that prohibits the carrying of firearms by both drivers and passengers durin...
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Phil Robertson Uses Bible and Gun in Congressional Campaign Ad
Phil Robertson is campaigning, not for himself, but for kin. Robertson’s nephew, Zach Dasher, is running to unseat Republican Representative Vance M...
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Arizona Shooting Range Instructor Shot By 9-Year-Old; Should Kids Be Allowed to Handle Guns?
A shooting range instructor from Arizona died on Monday after being shot accidentally by his 9-year-old student. Charles Vacca was training the girl t...
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Bill & Melinda Gates Donate $1M to Gun Control Initiative
Bill and Melinda Gates have both offered up $500,000 to The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, “a coalition of concerned citizens and o...
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We Need to Talk About the TSA’s Batsh*t Insane Instagram Account
No, I don’t want to talk about how you feel about the TSA. I know the TSA harasses old ladies and makes cute little children cry. I know the TSA...
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‘Guns for the Blind’ Video Even Too Much for the NRA
For about three days, an official NRA website featured a video wherein a contributor offered a two-minute argument for arming the blind. NRA News, a w...
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Target Politely Requests You Leave Your Guns at Home
Target would be ever so grateful if you left your firearms at home before shopping for home goods. “As you’ve likely seen in the media, there ...
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Lone Ranger Pistol Now in Wyoming Museum
Last year’s The Lone Ranger movie may have been a disaster with both critics and audiences, but the legend of the masked hero still lives on. No...
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Guy Who Shot Texting Moviegoer Was Also Texting
Back in January, 71-year-old Curtis Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson in a crowded movie theater during a screening of Lone Survivor. Reeves shot Oul...
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North Carolinian Hunter Kills 500lb Hog
Every now and then our inner child jumps around like a relapsing drug addict on planet cocaine when the news showcases a wild beast like Big Foot or t...
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