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Tag: Guild Wars 2

Super Adventure Box Comes To Guild Wars 2 [April Fools’]
Some companies and developer like to create fake products on April Fools’ Day, but a few adventurous types make their pranks a reality. Guild Wa...
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Guild Wars 2 Hosts The Lost Shores Event This Weekend
Many gamers are looking forward to this weekend as the Wii U launches on Sunday. Before that happens, however, MMO gamers will want to check out the m...
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Guild Wars 2 For Mac Announced & Released
By all the current evidence, Guild Wars 2 seems to have had a successful MMO launch. Just last week, ArenaNet re-released the game for online purchase...
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Guild Wars 2 Sales Resume, New Trailer Released
Almost two weeks ago, ArenaNet suspended sales of Guild Wars 2 after its servers were inundated by an overwhelming flood of new players. Needless to s...
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Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend Event Will Feature Sylvari & Asura
As someone who has been playing Guild Wars since the initial alpha testing event Arenanet (A-Net) conducted over 7 years ago, I’ve been hooked t...
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Guild Wars 2 Finally Gets A Release Date
The guys at Arenanet have been pretty forthcoming about all of the features and details we can expect from Guild Wars 2. Through a series of successfu...
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Guild Wars 2 Second Weekend Beta Coming June 8
Guild Wars 2 is probably the most anticipated MMO coming out this year. With that anticipation comes a lot of pressure on the ArenaNet to create the b...
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Guild Wars 2 Delayed To Next Quarter According To GameStop
Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be a game changer in the tired MMO genre. It needs a kick in the pants and Guild Wars 2 looks to be the game to do it. H...
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Guild Wars 2 Changing Up The Microtransaction Model
Guild Wars was always way ahead of its time by being one of the first MMOs to go free-to-play right out of the gate. The much anticipated sequel is co...
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Guild Wars 2 Gets Impressive Collector’s Edition
Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2? If so, you might want to check out this collector’s edition. Guild Wars 2 won’t be launching for ...
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Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign Up Goes Live
What is possibly the most anticipated MMO of the year, Guild Wars 2 has finally announced that beta test sign ups are finally open. Guild Wars 2 is th...
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Guild Wars 2: The Developers Love It, Will You? [Video]
When looking at the title of the video, your reaction might be – well, duh. What else would the developers of Guild Wars 2 say about the game th...
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Guild Wars 2 Beta Details Revealed – More Events Coming Soon
For those, like me, who have been actively anticipating the release of Guild Wars 2 and have been hanging onto every detail Arenanet has released, thi...
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Traditional Gaming Extends To Mobile Apps
While many have enjoyed gaming on their mobile devices, there has been little effort to extend traditional gaming on a PC or console to the mobile ...
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