Should Apple Move On From Google Search?

Could Apple take on Google in search? Apple has been making some rather interesting moves of late, and some of them are search-related, and lead one to wonder if Apple could legitimately give the search giant a run for its…

Apple Reportedly Buys Cue (Formerly Greplin)

Apple has reportedly purchased Cue, the company formerly known as Greplin, in a bid to compete with Google Now on personalized search. TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis says she’s confirmed with “a person who should know” that the acquisition occurred, and that…

Greplin Turns Into Cue, Adds Functionality

Personalized search service Greplin announced that it has changed its name to Cue, made some adjustments to its functionality, and is now resides at Greplin let you search through many social networks, Gmail, and various other points of personal…

Will Google Add Google Drive Content To Search?

Google finally announced the official launch of Google Drive today, after years of anticipation. What do you suppose the chances are that Google will integrate your stored files into search results when relevant? We asked Google if they have such…

Greplin Search Now Indexes Google Chat

Greplin, the personalized search tool that lets you add data from your personal sources, has a new feature. Now, Greplin indexes Google chats. The company said in a blog post: Now you can search for your chats the same way…

Can Google Ignore Facebook And Stay On Top?

Google has been doing a lot to make search more social, but the search giant continues to leave out your friends’ Facebook content from its results. Sure, you may find people from your social circle (as defined by Google) in…

Google Social Search Improves, Still Has Major Hole

Interestingly enough, just after I wrote about how Greplin had some social search benefits that Google is lacking, Google announced that it has updated its own social search. Google social search results will now appear mixed throughout the organic results, as opposed to just at the bottom, as they have done in the past. 

Greplin Open to Everyone – Search Across Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.

Earlier this week, Greplin announced it had raised a new $4 million from Sequoia Capital, and revealed that it might open up to the public this week. Now it has. Until now, it has been in closed beta, and now everyone can see what it’s all about. 

Greplin Reportedly About to Open Up to the Public

We’ve written about Greplin a couple of times – once after the service launched, and again last week, when the company sent users an email with some new updates. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, the best way to describe it is truly personalized search. 

Greplin Shows Promise In Areas of Search Where Google is Failing

I recently wrote a lengthy post about how content is flooding the web, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for any one search engine (including Google) to keep up and deliver the best possible results at all times. Google does a great job for a lot of queries, but the company knows it needs to get better. That’s why they’re putting a new focus on content farms.