Did Google’s Attempt To Fix Racist Results Screw Over Businesses?

It looks like Google Maps vandalism and Google’s way of addressing it may have led to a massive rankings shift in local search results, which can obviously have a major impact on businesses. Have you noticed any drastic changes in…

Google Maps’ Racist Results To Get the Googlebomb Fix

This post contains language some may find offensive. Google says it screwed up and is sorry for pointing people toward the White House, historically black colleges, and other locations when shockingly racist search terms were entered into Google Maps. “We…

Murder, Abortion and Googlebombs

Proving the adage that what’s old is new again, Googlebombs are back in the news, and, of course, they’re being used to grandstand about a sensitive subject. Considering the subject matter — murder and abortion — the back and forth for this one should be a clean and respectful discourse concerning the different reactions such a subject produces… and maybe the iPad 2 will be free for everyone.

In other news, clearly, the time format on my Google Reader must be set to 2004.