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Tag: Google Wallet

Google Wallet Card Is Going Away
Google launched the Wallet Card in 2013 as a physical card for paying for things with your Google Wallet balance. The company is now alerting cardhold...
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Google Wallet Lets You Send Money To Any Contact By Phone Number
Google announced that Google Wallet users can now send money to anyone in their contact list with just a phone number. Users have been able to do so w...
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Android Pay Is Now Here
Google announced that it is now beginning to roll out Android Pay, its answer to Apple Pay as unveiled at Google I/O in May. The product lets Android ...
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Google Wallet Gets A Brand New App
Google launched a new Google Wallet app in the Google Play store. It’s a separate app from the existing Google Wallet app that you already know....
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Google Wallet Expanding As Checkout Option
Google Wallet is growing as a payment option as it has now been adopted by both Dunkin’ Donuts and Seamless, which have integrated it into their...
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Google Wallet For iOS Lets You Split Bills
Google Wallet for iOS will now let you split up bills with your friends, adding a helpful function to an app Google is still hoping will truly take of...
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Google Will Give You Money To Refer Friends To Google Wallet
Google has a new Google Wallet referral program in which it will give users $5 when their friends claim money from them. Google explains how it works ...
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Google Wallet Adds Recurring Bank Transfers, Low Balance Alerts
Google announced that Google Wallet users can now add money to their balance using recurring bank transfers. The company insists that this is secure. ...
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Google Wallet Gets Some New Features
Google announced some new features for Google Wallet on Android and iOS, including the ability to manage gift cards and redeem them in stores with the...
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Google Gets You Acquainted With Instant Buy
At Google I/O last year, Google launched the Google Wallet Instant Buy API to simplify mobile shopping, and help sellers get more conversions buy spee...
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Google Helps You Get More Conversions From iOS Users
97% of mobile shoppers abandon their shopping carts. That’s a stat Google has been tossing around for about two years (hopefully it’s gott...
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Google Wallet Now Keeps Track Of Your Recent Orders
Google has added a new feature to Google Wallet, which automatically keeps track of users’ online purchases. It appears on the Android and iOS a...
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Ready To Let Google Be Your Bank?
Google Wallet has come a long way over the past year, and this week in particular, made perhaps its most significant move towards becoming a truly maj...
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Google Wallet Now Lets You Add Credit/Debit Cards By Snapping Pictures
Earlier this week, Google unveiled the Google Wallet Card, a physical card that you can use to pay for things at stores using your Google Wallet accou...
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Google Wallet Card Lets You Spend Your Google Money Pretty Much Anywhere
Google unveiled the new Google Wallet Card today. This is a physical card that you can use to pay for things using Google Wallet. Google uses the exam...
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Google Explains Wallet Objects Concepts (Templates, Classes, Objects)
Google has put out a new informational developer video about the Wallet Objects platform, discussing templates, classes and objects. Google developers...
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Google Hotel Finder Finally Gets Ability To Book Reservations From Your Phone
Google launched Hotel Finder back in 2011, and now, they’ve finally added the ability to book hotels from your mobile device. This seems like a ...
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Here’s A Lesson On The Google Wallet Objects API Java Quick Start
Google has put out a new Google Developers Live video on YouTube discussing the Wallet Objects API and how to get started with their Java quick start ...
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Google Checkout To Shut Down On November 20
Back in November 2011, Google announced that it was retiring Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet. After that announcement, Google Checkout remai...
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Time To Start Letting Customers Pay You By Email?
There is a lot of innovation happening in the payments space, and the competition is heating up at a greater place than ever before. New products from...
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