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Matt Bomer Reveals He Is Married
Matt Bomer came out publicly as a gay man while accepting an award at the Desert AIDS Project’s Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards in 2012. After t...
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Honey Maid Doesn’t Give a Damn About Appeasing Anti-Gay Trolls
Back in March, Nabisco’s Honey Maid graham cracker brand decided to celebrate love and family in all its various forms with an ad entitled ̶...
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Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down Amid Controversy
Brendan Eich has stepped down as Mozilla’s CEO following controversy about his support of California anti-gay marriage law Proposition 8 in 2008...
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A Big Sex Scandal Involving ‘Anti-Gay’ Republican Is Brewing, According to Some Redditor
It’s safe to say that the vast majority of the stuff people say on reddit is complete and utter bullshit. That’s because reddit exists on ...
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Taylor Ellis: Arkansas High School Removed Gay Student’s Profile From Yearbook
A gay Arkansas high school student is making headlines after Sheridan High School decided to remove seven student profiles from the yearbook that talk...
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The South Watches More Gay Porn Than You Liberals
After those long days of Mexican standoffs and train robberies, the South usually unwinds with either some chitlins or sweet tea – no one would have...
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Fred Phelps Gay in Afterlife, Thanks to Satanists
After earlier news that notorious Westboro Baptist founder and (former) lead pastor, Fred Phelps, had died, everybody knew that the pile-on would begi...
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Vernita Gray, LGBT Champion, Dies At 65 Of Breast Cancer
Vernita Gray, a known advocate for LGBT rights, died on Tuesday at her home in Edgewater, Chicago, after succumbing to breast cancer. Gray had been ba...
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Pope Francis Hints Catholic Church Could Support Same-Sex Civil Unions
In an interview published on the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Serra, Pope Francis affirmed the Catholic Church’s position against same-sex marr...
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Comedian Petitions Obama to Formally Label Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni a ‘Ding-Dong-Boob-Poopy’
Comedian Eugene Mirman has pretty solid proposal for how President Obama should handle Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. He should publicly call him ...
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Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill Gets Pushback From Apple, Other High-Profile Companies
Apple has joined a host of high-profile businesses in urging Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto a controversial piece of legislation that would allow...
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Jason Collins: 1st Openly Gay NBA Player Re-Signed
Although Jason Collins should be admired for his courage to be the first openly gay NBA player, he should be ever more applauded for joining the sligh...
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Johnny Weir Is Not Afraid To Be In Anti-Gay Russia
American figure skater Johnny Weir, known for his flair and outlandishness on and off the ice, is having the time of his life. After retiring from the...
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Ellen Page Announces She’s Gay
Ellen Page, famous for her roles in Juno and Inception, recently came out as a lesbian in a speech at “Time to THRIVE,” a national confere...
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Kent State Wrestler Suspended for Anti-Gay Tweets, So Of Course Free Speech Is Once Again Under Assault
Here’s your daily reminder that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler has been suspend...
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Olympic Charter Referenced With Google Doodle Supporting Gay Rights
Google has a doodle up on its homepage throughout the world today celebrating the Olympic Games, but also making a statement in favor of gay rights. N...
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Vladimir Putin Defends Anti-Gay Law
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently defended his country’s new controversial anti-gay law, and explained that it was not intended to discr...
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Evander Holyfield Reprimanded For Homophobic Views On ‘Big Brother’ UK
Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has ignited controversy on the UK’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ due to his views on homose...
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Crystal Bowersox “Comes Out” With Christmas Song
Coming out to family members about being gay is hard for many people. While some families are accepting, others can be harsh and judgmental. For forme...
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Phil Robertson Suspended From Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson has been suspended indefinitely from the popular A&E television show. Phil was suspended after voicing his ...
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