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Tag: Flashback

Here’s Some Kid Talking About ‘The Facebook’ on CNBC in 2004
I dunno who this guy is, but he’s not very good at selling his product, which appears to be some “cyber-matchmaking” service called ...
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The Latest Mac Virus Is Hilariously Bad
Mac users should become increasingly aware of the threat that malware poses to their machines. Hackers and malicious coders are getting better everyda...
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Apple Backs Off On OS X Virus Immunity Claims
Two months ago we brought you news that hundreds of thousands of Mac computers were infected with the Flashback malware. While not the first malware t...
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Apple Updates OS X Leopard With Flashback Removal Tool
With the release of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard two years ago, the release of OS X 10.7 Lion last year, and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion coming sometime later t...
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Apple Hires Kapersky Labs To Test Mac Security
The Flashback malware threat that recently plagued Mac computers opened a lot of eyes to the fact that Apple’s computers may not be secure as th...
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Flashback Malware Infection Dropping By 100,000 Macs Per Week
Infection rates of the Flashback malware that was on over 650,000 Macs at the beginning of April have been in steep decline, according to the organiza...
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Flashback Malware Netted Creators $10K Per Day
The Flashback malware that infected over 600,000 Macs at the beginning of April netted its creators somewhere around $10,000 per day, according to rec...
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Kaspersky Claims Apple is a Decade Behind Microsoft in IT Security
With Microsoft recently reiterating security protocols concerning the infamous Conficker worm, online security firm Kaspersky Lab has just suggested t...
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One Of Every Five Macs Has Malware, Report Says
Malware on the Mac has been a hot topic in recent weeks, thanks to the discovery at the beginning of the month of a variant of the Flashback botnet th...
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Flashback Malware Still Infects 140,000 Macs, Not Dead Yet
Tools to remove the Flashback malware variant that has been discovered on Mac computers this month have been effective, but the Flashback is not quite...
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Apple Releases Java Update To Remove Flashback
Earlier this week we brought you news that Apple was working on its own tool to detect and remove the recently discovered Flashback malware from the o...
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Apple Preparing Its Own Flashback Removal Tool
Yesterday we told you about a pair of free software tools designed to help you detect and remove the Flashback botnet from your Mac. Now it looks like...
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Free Tools Remove Flashback Trojan From Macs
Last week we brought you news of the Flashback botnet, a particularly nasty piece of malware that infects users’ computers by way of a Java vuln...
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Mac Virus: Keep Calm And Use Backup
Mac fans everywhere have felt the pain of Windows users recently with a lovely little virus–the Flashback botnet–which affects a vulnerabi...
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Apple Updates Java Again Following Flashback News
Yesterday we brought you news of an alarming piece of malware targeting Macs. The Flashback trojan uses a vulnerability in Java to install on users...
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Flashback Botnet Infects Over Half A Million Macs
In the perennial Mac vs. PC debate, Mac users have always been able to cite one incontrovertible fact as an argument for their side: the Mac is far le...
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New Variant of Flashback Malware Exploits Unpatched Java Vulnerability in Macs
A new variant of the Flashback trojan has appeared, exploiting a Java vulnerability found in Macs. Cyber security firm F-secure announced this discove...
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