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New Windows 10 Update Preemptively Kills Adobe Flash Player
The latest Windows 10 update puts the nail in Adobe Flash Player’s coffin, permanently removing the software....
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Google Says No More To Flash Ads
Google announced that it is phasing out Flash from ads entirely. As of June 30th, advertisers will no longer be able to upload Flash ads into DoubleCl...
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Facebook Makes Videos HTML5 By Default
Facebook announced that its videos will now use HTML5 by default as Flash continues its slow demise. The company’s chief security officer made h...
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Adobe Drops the ‘Flash’ From Flash Professional CC (At Least in Name)
Adobe announced that it has shipped its latest Creative Cloud desktop updates and announced some new developments across its portfolio of tools and te...
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Google Is Implementing A Major Change On Tuesday
Google is continuing its efforts of driving nails into Flash’s coffin. In June, the company announced it would start automatically pausing Flash...
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Amazon Puts An End To Flash Ads
Flash-related news isn’t usually good news for Flash these days. The most recent bit comes from Amazon, which announced that it is about to stop...
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Is It Time For Flash To Go Away?
The writing has been on the wall for quite a while. Flash is dying a slow death, yet it continues to gasp for air. After some new vulnerabilities were...
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Facebook’s Security Head Calls for the Death of Flash
In 2010, Steve Jobs famously tore down Adobe Flash. Facebook’s new Chief Security Officer wants Flash to die. “It is time for Adobe to ann...
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Advertisers Are Using A Nearly Obsolete Technology Way Too Much
Flash is bordering on obsolete at this point thanks to the rise of mobile and HTML5, yet advertisers are still running a ridiculous amount of Flash ad...
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Chrome Tries To Keep Flash From Draining Your Laptop Battery
Google made a pretty interesting and unexpected announcement about how Chrome will start working to save the battery life of your laptop. How will it ...
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Using Flash Can Really Cost You In Google Now
Google advising websites to use HTML5 instead of Flash for multimedia is nothing new. What is new is that it can directly cost you search rankings now...
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Flash Continues To Die As Google Automatically Converts Ads
Google announced on Wednesday that it will start converting all Flash ads to HTML5 automatically. The company presents this as an opportunity for adve...
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YouTube Deprecates Flash Embeds, Flash API
Google announced that it is now defaulting to the HTML5 player on the web for YouTube embeds, moving to iframes. Along with this, they’re deprec...
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Flash Player 16 Includes Important Updates
Adobe released Flash Player 16 last week. It comes with important bug and security fixes, and adds stand alone installation and plugin support for the...
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Flash Player Update Fixes A Bunch Of Vulnerabilities
Adobe recently released updates to Flash Player and Air across all platforms, fixing a total of twelve security issues. “Adobe has released secu...
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Google To Note When Pages May Not Work In Mobile Results
Google is going to start letting mobile searchers know when results include pages that may not work on their devices. On a device that doesn’t s...
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Shockwave Found To Bundle Outdated, Dangerous Version Of Flash
It was recently discovered that Adobe Shockwave has been bundling a version of Flash Player that is over fifteen months old, and behind on important s...
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Here’s What Adobe Is Doing With Flash Runtime
Adobe recently posted an update on the Flash Runtime on its official blog in hopes of addressing questions people have been asking on various forums. ...
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Waiting In Line 3D, The Worst Video Game Ever?
Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest videogame? Do you like shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D? Why not try Waiting in Line 3D, a first-pers...
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Kathy Griffin Gives Gloria Estefan an Eyeful
Kathy Griffin is always one for a good laugh, and her most recent comedic banter is just that. Last Wednesday, Griffin stopped by “The Tonight Show�...
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