Kathy Griffin Gives Gloria Estefan an Eyeful

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Kathy Griffin is always one for a good laugh, and her most recent comedic banter is just that. Last Wednesday, Griffin stopped by “The Tonight Show” to pay Jay Leno a visit. As with any interview, the two held a light-hearted discussion, covering a number of topics from life to business.

However, Leno had another topic he wanted to discuss. He wanted to know the details about her over-the-top behavior at Gloria Estefan's event in September.

Last month, Griffin attended Gloria Estefan's release party for her new album, “The Standards.” As a favor to her friend, Griffin also hosted the party. However, that's not all she did. Griffin made the executive decision to put on a show that no one would forget, sharing everything under her dress. Of course, Griffin had no qualms about doing so and there was definitely no regrets – just laughs.

Griffin took the liberty of filling Leno in on the details. “I was actually doing a one-nighter in Miami and my good friend Gloria Estefan introduced me. I thought, I’d like to keep these celebrities on their game so… I just for no reason lifted my dress and the look on her face I think says it all… [but] I don’t know what I was thinking wearing the granny panties.”

The seven-time Grammy award-winning singer also took a moment to weigh in on the hilarious moment with Renee Bargh when she visited Extra TV. Estefan said that the sight was 'very disturbing' and that Griffin's underwear were huge, and almost “10 sizes too big.” “My face says it all in that picture,” remarked Estefan.

Of course Griffin took the liberty of sharing the picture on Twitter.

Estefan also offered a warm response.

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