Here's What Adobe Is Doing With Flash Runtime

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Adobe recently posted an update on the Flash Runtime on its official blog in hopes of addressing questions people have been asking on various forums.

Product manager and customer advocate for the Flash Runtime product team, Chris Campbell, who has spent a lot of time in the forums, talks about what the team has been up to.

He says they've made "massive improvements" to their iOS packaging engine (Halfmoon AOT) with reduced packaging times up to 10x. This, he says, lays the foundation for future features like iOS workers, and has been in the beta builds for quite a while. It was out in the public AIR 4.0 release.

He then talks about ActionScript concurrency for Android, noting that it has been a priority. They had an extended beta, and it became public in AIR 3.9 with additional fixes in 4.0.

Next up is support for new versions of OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. Campbell says they've made sure that the Runtime supports these, and that they'll make sure this continues in the future.

He then goes into some new features they're working on this year, which include: ActionScript concurrency for iOS, improvements to Stage3D, PPAPI debugging, and game discovery (more details about each in the post).

"It’s certainly true that we have increased our investments on HTML technologies, but Adobe and the Flash product team are dedicated to pushing the Flash runtime platform forward," says Campbell. "We believe that AIR and Flash Player are excellent solutions for both the video and gaming markets."

He notes that Adobe's PR efforts have mostly been about Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud, but says they're working on: redesigning and making regular updates to the game development site; creating a new Flash Runtime showcase site; reaching out to the community and promoting their games; and finding additional ways to let the community evangelize the use of Flash Runtime.

They'll be retiring the site, and making updates to

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