Fitbit Is Axing Popular Community-Focused Features

Fitbit is angering users, announcing it will kill off a number of community-focused features toward the end of March.

Smartwatches Can Serve As Early Coronavirus Detection

Smartwatches can do much more than count steps, with research showing they can detect coronavirus infections days before diagnosis.

Google Closes Fitbit Deal

Google has closed its Fitbit deal, despite investigations and concerns over potential privacy and antitrust implications.

EU Regulators Set to Approve Google/Fitbit Deal

Following concessions by Google, the EU looks ready to approve its acquisition of Fitbit.

Google Invests $450 Million In ADT, Forms Nest Partnership

Google has announced it is investing $450 million in security company ADT, in a multi-year partnership that will give Google a 6.6% stake.

Google Fails to Stop Full-Blown EU Fitbit Investigation

It appears Google’s efforts to prevent an investigation into its Fitbit acquisition have been unsuccessful, with the EU ready to launch a full antitrust probe.

EU Wants More Concessions From Google Over Fitbit Deal

The EU is asking for more concessions from Google, over concerns its Fitbit deal will give it an unfair advantage over competitors.

Google Vows Not to Use Fitbit Data For Advertising

In an effort to prevent the EU from challenging its Fitbit deal, Google has committed to not using Fitbit data in its advertising.

DOJ Planning to Review Google-Fitbit Deal Over Privacy Concerns

According to the New York Post, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is planning to review the Google-Fitbit deal over concerns about consumer privacy. We reported last month that Google had agreed to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. As part of…

Filings Reveal There Was a Bidding War Over Fitbit

Fitbit made news recently when it was announced that Google would be purchasing the wearables firm. According to CNBC, it appears Facebook was also interested and “bid several times to acquire” the company. An SEC filing referred to “Party A,”…

Google to Acquire Fitbit: Promises to Protect User Privacy

Google has announced a definitive deal to acquire Fitbit, a leading maker of wearable devices. The deal, valued at $2.1 billion, will help Google compete more aggressively with Apple in the battle over the wearable space. Wearables have increasingly become…

Fitbit launches its first colour touchscreen tracker with the Blaze

Fitbit is the market leader in wearables, so it might come as a surprise to hear that it’s only just announced its first colour touchscreen device. Billed as a ‘smarter fitness tracker’ rather than a smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze was…

Fitbit Files $100 Million IPO

Fitness tracking wearables company Fitbit has decided to go public According to Fortune, Fitbit will trade on the NYSE under the symbol FIT. The company says it plans to raise $100 million, but that number is likely to change. Fitbit’s…

Apple Watch Is the Only Thing Apple Wants You Wearing on Your Wrist

Apple is clearing the way for the Apple Watch. According to Re/code, Apple stores across the country have begun to pull items from their shelves that could possibly compete with the Apple Watch, which is set to launch next month.…

Wearable Technology Is Drawing A Great Deal Of Interest (If Search Trends Are Any Indication)

Yahoo shared some search data with us today indicating that people are quite interested in smart watches and other wearable technology. A long-rumored Apple watch was absent from the company’s big event on Tuesday, but such a product could end…

CES 2012: Fitbit Scale Shares Your Weight With Your Friends

Fitness technology company Fitbit has announced a new product in their lineup. Announced at CES today, the new Aria Smart Scale is a wi-fi enabled bathroom scale that can track the weights of eight separate family members, and gives you…