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Tag: Fireworks

Fireworks Can, and Will, Blow Your Head Off, Demonstrates the US Gov
On average, about 230 people go to the hosptial with fireworks-related injuries during the month surrounding the 4th of July. Half of those injuries a...
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Flavor Flav Cited for Illegal Fireworks
Rapper and reality star Flavor Flav was cited by police Friday at his Las Vegas home, just as he began his annual fireworks show. Flav had been launch...
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Fireworks Explosion Leaves 1 Dead And 3 Injured
A fireworks explosion at the local high school in Comanche, Texas, a town with approximately 4,300 people about 100 miles southwest of Fort Worth, has...
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Tennis Star Fire: Four Die in Home Owned by James Blake
The tennis star fire that is making headlines around the country and especially in the state of Florida was likely arson and it claimed the lives of f...
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UFO Sightings in California on New Year’s Eve
According to a number of witnesses, mankind wasn’t the only one on New Year’s Eve enjoying firework shows across the country. Apparently, civi...
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Dubai Fireworks 2014 Breaks Guinness World Record
On Wednesday, Guinness World Records announced that Dubai’s firework show on New Year’s Eve broke the record set by Kuwait in 2011. The main attra...
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Fourth Of July Accident Injures 28 In Simi Valley, California
Fourth of July accidents are unfortunately not uncommon on the holiday. From fireworks to parade mishaps, people will be injured or killed. One of the...
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Slow-Motion Exploding Paint Cans Are As Cool As You’d Imagine
Paint is fun. Making stuff explode is fun. Catching all of the action at 1600 fps is fun. This video, which combines all three, is very fun. [theslowm...
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Fireworks Are Beautiful, Especially in Reverse [VIDEO]
Happy New Year, everyone. Still feeling the effects of a long night of partying? Already broken a resolution? Have you accidentally written “201...
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Everyone At The San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Probably Thought They Were Witnessing The End Times [VIDEO]
It’s been a week since the entire country got to see the city of San Diego fail in spectacular fashion when they accidentally launched 15 minute...
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San Diego’s Fireworks Fail: I Feel Bad, But It’s Just So Funny [Video]
In a clear case of premature explosion, the city of San Diego really jumped the gun on their fireworks show. Their annual “Big Bay Boom Firework...
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Celebrating the Fourth of July With Fireworks Colors, Twitter
The Fourth of July is upon us, something that would be hard to miss even if you didn’t have a calendar. Twitter is blowing up with trends dedica...
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July 4 Fireworks: Many Areas Cancel Celebrations
July 4 fireworks are such a tradition that I can’t imagine the holiday without it. In fact, I honestly can’t remember a summer when I didn...
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The Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75th Birthday
The City of San Francisco celebrated the 75 anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge on Memorial Day weekend. Radio station KFOG 104.5/97.7 has a profess...
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Fireworks Disposal Video Is Awesome, Controversial
Did you know that the New York Police Department has their own YouTube channel? Well, they do, and they recently used it to post a video that has caus...
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Fireworks In Slow Motion Are Pretty Cool
Tis the day to celebrate by blowing stuff up, as long as it’s not yourself or your neighbor. Fourth of July, aka, Independence Day, should legal...
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4th of July Fireworks Safety, And The Idiots That Fail At It
Did you know that in 1997, The United States was averaging 8 injuries per 100,000 pounds of fireworks purchased. That number has been on the decline s...
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The Art of Firework Sharing on Social Media
This weekend is well known for one thing (apart from Independence Day): FIREWORKS! With the social networking boom (no pun intended), many people will...
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