Everyone At The San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Probably Thought They Were Witnessing The End Times [VIDEO]

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It's been a week since the entire country got to see the city of San Diego fail in spectacular fashion when they accidentally launched 15 minutes worth of fireworks in about 15 seconds. The whole thing was blamed on a glitch, or more specifically "a signal that was sent to the barges to set the timing of the fireworks." Nevertheless, the huge, unplanned explosion was so catastrophic as to almost elevate itself to the level of art.

Truly, San Diego, bravo.

You've probably already seen the mishap in various YouTube videos - some of which have garnered a couple million views. But I bet you haven't seen it like this.

YouTuber danwroy posted the show "up close and in HD (and LOUD)." He's serious about that "loud" part. Check it out below:

"This is the best fireworks show, ever!" says one woman.

I don't know about "best," but I think San Diego has "pantsshittingly spectacular" on lockdown.

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