Fireworks Disposal Video Is Awesome, Controversial

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Did you know that the New York Police Department has their own YouTube channel? Well, they do, and they recently used it to post a video that has caused quite the interweb controversy.

The 80-second video shows the destruction of over 5,000 pounds of fireworks, confiscated by the NYPD. How do you dispose of fireworks? Apparently you pile them up at a firing range and...boom (goes the dynamite).

So yes, the following video is pretty awesome - A $25,000 firework show in less than a minute? Sounds good to me. Check it out -

But the fascination with high explosives seems to be tempered by some people's feelings about New York's fireworks laws.

The reason that the NYPD found themselves in possession of so many fireworks in the first place stems from NYC's all inclusive ban on fireworks. The buying, selling, transporting and using of fireworks is strictly prohibited and can lead to jail time. Here's the explanation from the NYPD -

This year, the Police Department has confiscated more than 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, ranging in size from sparklers to professional pyrotechnics. Police have also arrested 70 individuals and seized six vehicles in connection with the transport of illegal fireworks. FDNY Fire Marshals in the Firework Enforcement Unit have made 20 arrests for the sale, use, storage and/or transportation of illegal fireworks, and have seized more than 300 cases of fireworks valued at more than $25,000.

July Fourth is a day for celebration, but not at the expense of safety," said Fire Commissioner Cassano. "Our Fire Marshals have done a tremendous job removing illegal fireworks from the streets, and our members in Fire Safety Education have worked tirelessly educating the public about the dangers of illegal fireworks. Their efforts show in the dramatic reduction of fireworks related injuries and fires we have seen in recent years.

The destruction of all of those fireworks has incensed YouTubers, for various reasons. Some see the ban as an assault on the very freedom they wish to celebrate. Others find the display a waste of a perfectly good firework show.

"Totally sill stupid waste of time and money- from the 'busts' all the way to the time spent on the range making this asinine spectacle. Last I heard there was real crime in NY that needed attending to," says user eigenstates.

"This is just rediculus even in the so called nanny state of sweden consumer firewoks are legal!!!" says user ollonborresverige.

"'Items such as sparklers are mistakenly thought to be safe, when in fact they can be very dangerous' - I don't know what sparklers NY uses, but other states citizens are doing just fine with them," adds user bastian74.

"What's the message of this? We'll do the same thing you'd do with the illegal fireworks (setting it on fire)" asks sigiSLO.

"Could they not saved it for a special occasion and just do some fireworks charity event? kill 2 birds with 1 stone :S," says SeriousBusiness100.

As you can see, people are questioning the message the video sends, and that is legitimate on one hand.

On the other hand, however, it's just an awesome video of things blowing-up.

What do you think?

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