Meta Must Pay $175M for Infringing on a Green Beret’s App

Most would tread carefully to avoid upsetting a Green Beret, but Meta evidently didn’t get the memo, choosing to copy his app.

Websites Are Shunning the Facebook Button Over Privacy

Once almost ubiquitous across the internet, websites are increasingly shunning the Facebook button over privacy concerns.

Meta Is Finally Creating a Customer Service Group to Handle Lost Accounts

Meta is finally addressing one of its biggest shortfalls, creating a customer service group to address complaints over lost Facebook accounts and deleted content.

Google Tops Big Tech Data Tracking With 39 Types of Private Data

Google is the most invasive of Big Tech companies, tracking 39 different private user data points, more than any of its peers.

YouTube and TikTok Are Blowing Facebook Away in Teen Usage

Facebook has a major problem in its attempts to appeal to teens, with the platform being blown away by both YouTube and TikTok.

Amazon Sues More Than 10,000 Facebook Group Admins Over Paid Reviews

Amazon is taking its battle against paid reviews to a new level, suing Facebook group admins for paying people for fake reviews.

Facebook Is Encrypting Links to Bypass Browser Privacy Settings

Facebook is at it again, encrypting its URLs in an effort to bypass the privacy protections afforded by Brave and Firefox.

Facebook Is Testing Multiple Profiles per Account

In its quest to remain relevant in the face of newer, hipper rivals, Facebook is testing the ability to have multiple profiles per account.

$5.5 Million — That’s the Price Americans Want for Their Search History

A new report demonstrates Americans may value their search history a little more than some companies may have expected, putting a $5.5 million price tag on it.

DC Attorney General Suing Mark Zuckerberg Over Cambridge Analytica

Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is suing Mark Zuckerberg over the Cambridge Analytica scandal in an effort to hold the CEO personally liable.

Facebook Killing Off Its Podcast Business

Facebook has announced it is killing off its podcast service, barely a year after getting into the business.

Meta Investigating Sandberg For Allegedly Using Company Resources to Help Activision’s CEO

Sheryl Sandberg has been a staple at Facebook and Meta for years, but the executive is now accused of improperly using company resources to help Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

Canada May Force Online Giants to Pay News Publishers

Canada is looking to follow in Australia’s example, forcing online giants to pay news publishers in exchange for their content.

Facebook Locking Users Out and Giving Them No Recourse

Facebook users are reportedly being wrongly locked out of their accounts for ‘not following Community Standards,’ and have no recourse.

Tim Cook: ‘We’re Not Against Digital Advertising’

Tim Cook has set the record straight that Apple is not against digital advertising, it simply wants to give consumers more control.

Locked Out of Facebook? Blame Facebook Protect

Some Facebook users are reportedly unable to log in to their accounts, and it appears a new security feature may be to blame.

Australia Sues Meta Over Fake Celebrity Endorsement Ads

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is suing Meta over scam ads on Facebook featuring fake celebrity endorsements.

Nintendo Veteran Doesn’t Think Meta’s Metaverse Vision Is On-Target

Meta may be going all-in on the metaverse, but former Nintendo President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime isn’t a fan of its approach.

Texas AG Sues Meta Over ‘Unauthorized Biometric Data’ Collection

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued Meta over allegations Facebook collected customers’ biometric data without their consent.

Facebook Launches Reels Globally

Facebook is expanding Reels globally, as the company continues to struggle against TikTok.