Steve Case: Facebook Needs to Pivot and Recognize They’re Not in the Garage Anymore

AOL co-founder Steve Case says that Facebook needs to pivot and recognize that they are not in the garage anymore. Case sees some of this as a backlash against big tech, which he predicted a few years ago in his book the Third Wave.

Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee Launches Contract for the Web and Says… Silos Shouldn’t Dominate Your Life

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the web, launches Contract for the Web that encourages companies to agree to let individuals own and control their data and importantly to allow mobility of data.

Facebook Showing Huge Monetization Potential for Non-News Feed Apps

According to Rich Greenfield, media and technology analyst at BTIG, Facebooks is starting to show huge monetization potential for apps that are not the news feed. “The reality is that as you look out more broadly over the next few years Facebook has got a lot of different initiatives that are at the very early stages of monetization,” Greenfield said.

James Patterson Says He is Releasing New Book ‘The Chef’ on Facebook Messenger

James Patterson is releasing his next book “The Chef” on Facebook Messenger. It will be a hybrid combining the written word with video and photography in an attempt to appeal to the millions of millennials that are on Facebook and tend not to read literature.

Oculus Exec Yelena Rachitzky Talks About How VR Can Move Beyond Gaming

Most virtual reality products are aimed at gamers because there is an automatically understood natural fit. Can VR move beyond gaming? Oculus executive produce of experiences at Oculus offers her insights.

Intelligence Expert: How Twitter and Facebook Are Being Co-Opted by Governments for Control

Sophisticated automated bots are being increasingly used on Twitter and Facebook by foreign governments as a method to silence dissent and to target journalist, according to Sam Wooley, Digital Intelligence Lab director.

Kara Swisher on Tech: A Lot of Their Inventions Are Very Damaging to Society

Should tech companies be hiring Chief Ethics Officers in order to get better at self-examination? That’s the question posed by Kara Swisher, internet pioneer and Recode editor at large, in a New York Times column today.

Vivek Wadhwa: Facebook is a Defective Product and Should be Held Liable

Should social media companies be held liable for creating products that make people hate each other? Harvard Law School Distinguished Fellow Vivek Wadhwa says yes they should.

Conservatives See Facebook War Room As War on Them

Facebook has created a War Room ahead of the midterm election that is filled with data scientists and specialists trying to stop the spread of what it considers fake news.

Analyst Says that Google Already Dominates the Media Business

When does Google dominate the media business? “They already do,” says Brian Wieser, senior research analyst at Pivotal Research. “The reality is from a time consumption perspective, from an ad spending perspective, there’s nothing like Google.”