Blackberry Rises on News of Facebook Settlement

Blackberry shares have had their best run since 2001, driven in part by news of a settlement with Facebook over messaging patents.

India Wants WhatsApp to Abandon Its Planned Privacy Changes

India has asked WhatsApp to reconsider its announced privacy changes, the latest backlash the company is facing.

Facebook Suing Chrome Extension Makers For Spying On Users

Facebook is suing the makers of four Chrome extensions, claiming the extensions are used to spy on users.

Illinois Facebook Users Will Receive $350 From Settlement

Illinois Facebook users will be receiving roughly $350 from the landmark privacy case against the social media giant.

WhatsApp Delays Privacy Changes Amid Backlash

Facebook’s WhatsApp has announced it will delay its privacy policy changes, amid one of the biggest waves of backlash the company has faced.

Mozilla CEO Calls For More Transparency to Combat Online Hate

In the wake of President Trump’s ban from Twitter, Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker is calling for more transparency from internet platforms.

Tesla Replaces Facebook As Fifth Most Valuable US Company

Tesla entered an exclusive club Friday, becoming the fifth most valuable US company at Facebook’s expense.

Twitter Bans Trump Permanently

Twitter has banned President Trump from its platform permanently, following an initial ban of 12 hours.

Cryptocurrency Now Collectively Worth Over $1 Trillion

Cryptocurrency has hit a major milestone, with the collective value passing the $1 trillion mark, led largely by Bitcoin’s meteoric rise.

29% of Professionals Will Quit Instead of Returning to Office

Amid a global pandemic, remote work has become so popular that 29% of professionals will quit rather than return to the office.