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Tag: Facebook Search

Facebook Makes Searching for Videos Easier
Earlier this week, Facebook announced a bunch of new live video features, giving users more ways to discover, share, and interact with live video as w...
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Facebook Pages Get New Search Feature
Facebook is testing a new feature that lets you search for posts on a Page. Recently, the company was seen testing a feature that let you do the same ...
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Facebook Professional Services Is Pretty Similar To Facebook Places…but for Services
Earlier this year, Facebook put out a new local search and discovery tool at, giving users a look at places with Facebook Pages, i...
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Facebook Tests New Search Feature
Facebook has been making improvements to how people can search throughout the social network for several years, and now they’re testing a way to...
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Facebook Search Updated, New Optimization Opportunities?
Facebook announced some new search capabilities, potentially making the social network better for finding updates relevant to things you’re look...
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Facebook Is Messing Around With Its Search Interface
Update: It seems that this is all related to Facebook’s Trending topics. The addition of the News search option enables you to view search resul...
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Soon You’ll Be Able To Easily Search For And Buy Things On Facebook
A new feature Facebook is testing could turn the social network into more of an e-commerce market place or digital swap meet. You’ll soon be abl...
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New Facebook Feature Should Increase Link Sharing
Facebook is testing a new feature that could (and should) lead to mobile users sharing more links, which in turn, should increase Facebook’s lea...
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Zuck Discusses Facebook Search On Earnings Call
Facebook reported its Q1 earnings on Wednesday, and while it wasn’t talked about a great deal, the subject of Facebook’s efforts in search...
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Zuckerberg Opens Up About Facebook Search
As you may know, Facebook greatly expanded its search offerings last month when it launched the ability to search posts. You can now search keywords a...
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Moz Founder Rand Fishkin On Facebook’s Approach To Search
Last month, Facebook launched an update to its search experience enabling users to search keywords and get actual posts as results. This is arguably t...
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Facebook Gets Rid Of Bing In Search Results
Last week, Facebook began rolling out an update to its search experience, finally enabling users to search keywords and get actual posts from their ne...
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Facebook Discusses Ranking Graph Search Results
About a month ago, Facebook finally added the ability to find status updates and other posts in Graph Search, though the feature is still slowly rolli...
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If You Live In The United States, You Now Have Facebook Graph Search
Facebook announced on Wednesday that Graph Search has finally completely launched to all users in the United States (in English). About a month ago, t...
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Facebook Tests More Versions Of The Search Box
Here is what Facebook Graph Search has looked like for me until today: Everybody else that has had Graph Search that I have seen has had the same desi...
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Facebook Graph Search, Your Privacy, and What You Can Do
Facebook just launched something new. That’s all you have to say, really. That in and of itself is enough to get people riled up about their pri...
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Change Of Mind Could Pose Relevancy Problems For Facebook Graph Search
Add this to the list of speculation surrounding Facebook’s Graph Search: it might start an “un-liking rebellion”. Some analysts are ...
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It’s A Little Early To Dismiss Facebook Graph Search As “Not A Big Deal”
Facebook’s Graph Search is generating mixed reviews all over the web. Pretty standard for any product Facebook launches (or any major launch fro...
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Watch Facebook’s Graph Search Event in Its Entirety
Yesterday Facebook unveiled Graph Search, their friend-centric search function that it absolutely not web search – but a better, more useful way...
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Local Search Is Where Facebook Could Quickly Take A Stab At Google
On Tuesday, Facebook unveiled Graph Search, and I’ve been doing little but reading and writing about it ever since. There’s one conclusion...
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